Laptops for Charities Contributes to the Future of Homeless People

Laptops for charities  initiative will accept disused but still working laptops. Laptops these days are an integral part of daily life. There are some community initiatives that refurbish computers and offer them to not-for-profit groups low cost. Some organisations may accept donations on a case-by-case basis. While donating old disused Laptops to charities one should also … Continue reading Laptops for Charities Contributes to the Future of Homeless People

A new paradigm for computing prides itself on being the solution for corporate and community needs by providing a win-win-win solution where firms are reducing costs of storage. Moving some of their processes and data to the cloud, boosting their CSR, and having an overall positive impact on community and society through re-homing older computers and other office equipment they … Continue reading A new paradigm for computing

The Digital Project

Taking the battle for digital inclusion to the private and public sectors Astonishingly, according to Office for National Statistics, in the first three months of 2015, 11% (5.9 million) of adults in the UK had never used the Internet. Many of these are on low incomes such as the homeless, refugees, the elderly and disabled … Continue reading The Digital Project


Press release summary: SocialBox.Biz, made a huge splash in 2015. A social enterprise company specializing in innovative storage and ground-breaking recycling solutions for businesses launched their “Laptops for Homeless Support” initiative, delivering recycled laptops to the individuals who need it most in London and United Kingdom. Taking throw away laptop computers from corporations in London, arranging … Continue reading MAKING A BIG IMPACT HEADING INTO 2016


(26th December 2015, London, UK) Laptop re-homing programme is to benefit socially and digitally excluded people Media Coverage of Laptop donation initiative by The Big Issue Magazine.  Please support homeless people and buy the magazine from their street vendors.