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A SocialBox.Biz blog post update by Age UK Enfield, May 27 2020.

This partnership with Age UK London has forged changes in the lives of many, and we are looking forward to seeing how many more clients receive laptops this year many of whom live on pension credit and can not afford any kind of computer. To partner for donations with items from you office that are no longer needed but still useful, please contact the SocialBox.Biz team today!

Please read below case studies received today from Age UK Enfield

“Our computer has recently stopped working and my husband has got Parkinson’s, he used to love speaking with his family in Italy through skype. Now we have this new laptop we can connect with our family in Italy once again and also communicate see our friends and family.

Thank you so much for giving us this computer, it’s so kind.” Maria

“Thank you for the Laptop, the last one I had broke and the keys were coming off. I had it for a long time. Even though this is a terrible thing that’s happened, its nice how everybody has rallied around to help. It’s fine if you speak to one person a day, but if you go 4 days without speaking to someone you start to feel really isolated. It has really brought people together, I haven’t spoken to some people for 50yrs and we have started conversations on Facebook.” Nick

“Thank you Age UK Enfield, I use one when I volunteer at Age UK Enfield but I haven’t got one at home. Thank you again so much Age UK Enfield and SocialBox.Biz it’s so nice of you.” Kathy

“Thank you so much for giving me this laptop, it’s so kind, thank you Age UK Enfield and SocialBox.Biz.” Jennifer

“Thank you so much for the laptop, at the moment I have to share with my granddaughter who needs her one for work. It’s so nice to have one of my own.” Jose 86 years old

“Thank you Age UK Enfield and SocialBox.Biz for giving me this laptop, I am so pleased.” Ayfer

“I haven’t got a laptop, I am so pleased, thank you so much.” Jan

“My last laptop stopped working just before Christmas, thank you so much for delivering it to me. Thank you so much.” Louis

Update from Age UK London on 5th June 2020 about SocialBox.Biz virtual computer class:

”Many thanks for sorting out the issue with the lady and her laptop.  She was so delighted to get a laptop as she could not afford to buy one herself.” 

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