Join our campaign ( for charities )

A SocialBox.Biz blog post update May 24 2020.

We are regularly approached by many additional charities asking for laptop donations, and we would love to assist. As we want to grow our tech reuse initiative and help on an ongoing sustainable basis that is helping those in need with technology and reducing scope 3 emissions at the same time. We are asking charities to join our campaign so that we can help additional causes.

Please contact us, and we’ll do our best to offer advice on guidance on how to join our sustainable initiative and at what point we can assist with arranging for the reused computers to be redistributed to your cause. 
Please get in touch via our Contact Us page or email

March 2021 Update:

If you’re a company /organisation we need your old laptops and other no longer needed tech now for our long-standing initiative. The pandemic has shone a light on digital poverty and we have a manifesto, which includes eradicating digital poverty by 2030. Please share our twitter post below even if you currently have no item to contribute:

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