Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Digital IT Cloud solutions, physical storage solutions and donations of computers and office equipment.

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How Do I Start Collecting items needing storage, donating, re-homing ?

You would be surprised by how many different departments in a company have surplus IT computer equipment such as laptops, routers, servers, switches, office furnitures, document, cabinets etc needing storage. Always begin by calling and engaging with coordinators from every single department. Many times items become a liability simply because no one reached out. Also be sure to check if there are any items in storage where you are paying higher costs of business storage.

What Kind(s) of Services Do I Require?

Be sure to identify what collection process is required for your items whether items need cloud storage for documents, physical business storage, recycling, re-use, refurbishment, donation, furniture storage, re-location or re-sale before the final items are transported. Many times information removal from computers can take weeks. Plan accordingly for coordinating the collection process to manage costs and requirements.

Do I Need To Wipe The Computers Clean?

It is not necessary as we can arrange both on-site and off-site data removal, though most participating companies choose to do so themselves. Many times the IT departments are capable of this. Bear in mind this process may take weeks, so plan accordingly.

Do I Need To Track The Equipment And Record It?

This depends on your internal company policy of re-use, recycling, donating laptop computers and IT computer hardware. Tracking and reporting is available for an additional fee. 

Is SocialBox.Biz Only London Based?

Our company and partners work nationwide to provide donations, storage of computer IT hardware and recycling via our partners. We are head-quartered in London, but coordinate efforts in all corners of our country and soon in Europe.

Does Your Company Do Donation Events in London and United Kingdom?

Yes, we do! Please contact us here to schedule:

Is there a summary of services and benefits that that you currently provide:

Yes there is indeed – please see below expert services for solving business problems:

1) Donations collection

Nationwide coverage: With our headquarters located in London, we are able to offer reliable and effective collection no matter your business location.

Minimal business disruption: At SocialBox.Biz, our collection and transportation are completed with minimal disruption and questions. We will come, gather the technology components, and be gone before you know it.

Quick delivery: Within 24 hours of your submission on our website, we will facilitate your collection, and ensure it is removed. Our London base allows us to reach every corner of the UK quickly.

Award winning: The team behind the company has been awarded numerous awards, by working with Socialbox your firm will also be able to apply for additional positive impact awards, boost customer loyalty and even possibly its share price due to practical implementation of firms CSR policy and accompanied marketing benefits.

2) Storage Services

Total service management: We provide IT Cloud solutions for document storage, IT equipment storage, office furniture storage, and even custom storage upon request.

Innovation: We are not a conventional company. Our entire business is run in the cloud to save us costs on equipment and software that would otherwise take up expensive space.

Customer support at all hours: We mean it. Call or email us at any time during the day. We will respond immediately and schedule your storage collection, recycling collection, etc.

3) Environmentally friendly by-products

We offer collection and up-cycle laptops in perfectly good condition to homeless individuals. We make sure the environment is spared from unnecessary toxic materials.

Reusing: Just because your laptop is “out-of-date” does not mean it cannot be broken down and reused for the creation of newer technological components. Contact us about reusing parts of your electronics.

Collection: We want to make IT collection as easy as possible for you.

4) Risk Reduction

National coverage: We make the IT equipment and laptop donation process as painless as possible. All you have to do is give us a ring, and we’ll make sure your items are re-homed, recycled, or reused for the betterment of society.

Reduce recycling risk: There are a restrictions for the disposal of electronics. Reduce your company risk and allow us to do the right thing with the old equipment. We work with top authorised specialists.

Industry leading customer service: You won’t find another company out there so committed to bettering the environment and surrounding communities. The needs of our customers come first. No matter your location, we will be there to assist in any way we can.

Security: We have services that cover every component of storage, security, and recycling. Security is a top proirity for us. Check out our customer testimonials and feedback.

5) Social Benefits

Helps the environment: People recycle aluminum cans everyday because it’s easy and helps the environment. Donation and re-using your old laptops helps the environment even more. Electronics are not biodegradable, and they release permanent toxins into the Earth.

Helps the homeless: We have an initiative where redundant computer equipment we collect is re-homed to benefit the homeless. We want to give disadvantaged people a chance to rejoin society and access the Internet.

Helps the economy: Re-homing your laptops and computers gives other members of society access to the Internet, and therefore the ability to contribute to the workforce and the economy.

Helps communities: Up-cycling laptops to communities and the homeless improves the overall well-being and stability of a given community.

6) Digital Storage Solutions

Expertise: We have cloud experts who can transfer your company documents, images, and other files over to the cloud effortlessly.

Experience: Our experts at SocialBox.Biz have been studying and implementing storage techniques and methods for decades. A complete team of people committed to making the storage and recycling process easier for your business, give our work a glance over on our website.

Broad range of options: We can digitize any document or “clutter” in your office. We have secure online storage boxes of any size, and an ever-dependent cloud waiting for your company pictures and letters.

7) Security

Data removal: We have top security data removal using approved industry tools. We make sure your important data is wiped clean before any storage or donation occurs.

Storage solutions: Your office documents, photos, you name it, are tucked away in secure, protected warehouses. Our client’s privacy and security is a #1 priority here at SocialBox.Biz.

Secure boxes: Items containing important or sensitive data are immediately sorted into extra-secured boxes for storage. Never will you have to worry about your company’s information using our storage.

Certification: We will provide your business with a certificate of commitment to positive impact on society. Your Corporate Social Responsibility will be through the roof.

On-site data destruction: We will wipe your servers clean on location if needed. We don’t want you to ever worry about your company’s sensitive information.

Cost Neutral collections: subject to meeting criteria of reusable items. Allow us to collect your items from any location in the UK and freely load them into our box van.

8.) Press releases

Press: We will draft and send out a press release for your newsletter and CSR report. The whole community will know about the environmentally and socially friendly practices your company is now committed to.