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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Digital IT Cloud colsultancy, and social impact and donations services .

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How Do I Start Collecting items needing donating, re-homing ?

You would be surprised by how many different departments in a company have surplus IT computer equipment such as laptops, routers, servers, switches, office furnitures etc. Always begin by calling and engaging with coordinators from every single department. Many times items become a liability simply because no one reached out.

What Kind(s) of Services Do I Require?

Be sure to identify what collection process is required for your items whether items need cloud storage for documents,  re-use, re-homing, donation, re-location before the final items are transported. Many times information removal from computers can take weeks. Plan accordingly for coordinating the collection process to manage costs and requirements.

Do I Need To Wipe The Computers Clean?

It is not necessary as we can arrange both on-site and off-site data removal, though most participating companies choose to do so themselves. Many times the IT departments are capable of this. Bear in mind this process may take weeks, so plan accordingly. We also collect donations of computers with hard drives removed.

Do I Need To Track The Equipment And Record It?

This depends on your internal company policy of re-use, recycling, donating laptop computers and IT computer hardware. Tracking and reporting is available for an additional fee. 

Is SocialBox.Biz Only London Based?

Our company and partners work nationwide to provide donations,  and recycling via our partners. We are head-quartered in London, but coordinate efforts in all corners of our country and soon in Europe.

Does Your Company Do Donation Service Events in London and United Kingdom?

Yes, we do! Please contact us here to schedule: