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About Our Company

We are a forward thinking community interest company aiming to improve the local community with dynamic tech solutions. SocialBox.Biz is the organisation behind the rapidly expanding Laptops for Homeless Initiative, which has gained much momentum through strategic partnership with local organisations. Our initiatives are designed to get laptops into the hands of homeless people, support refugees, train at-risk job seekers, and offer computer skills classes and e-learning to those who cannot attend university. As our initiatives continue, we work to measure our social impact performance.

What Does SocialBox.Biz Do?

Through our Laptops for Homeless and Vulnerable Initiative, we accept donations of old no longer needed but still useful technology – predominantly laptops – as well as business clothing and other items that would be beneficial to someone trying to get back out into the workforce. We are also able to run fundraisers with some of the old but still useful items from offices, past examples include coffee machines, conference room projectors, office telephones, network routers, massage tables, gym equipment.

We take tech items and arrange on site data solutions and send some of them over to someone in need with free open source software. We have created partnerships with many local organisations who cater to the homeless population to help make the most of our initiatives. For instance, we work with Centrepoint, The Passage, YMCA, New Horizon Youth Centre, and The C4WS – organisations who are all committed to helping homeless people connect with careers, housing, and education.

Case Study After Case Study…

If you visit our website, you can find where time and time again our initiatives have helped improve the life of someone in need. For instance, clients at Centrepoint have left feedback discussing how using donated laptops helped them bridge gaps in language through ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) courses, as well as helped them find educational and career opportunities. We have received numerous such testimonials from our partners, and many of these testimonials can be found on our website.

Social Giving Reduces Emissions

Insights have shown that local giving actually helps reduce emissions, which gives our partners just one more reason to back our cause. There is a strong link between local donation, Scope 3 emissions reductions, and ESG profiles, giving our partners numerous benefits for backing our initiatives. By strengthening ties with the community, we are giving back in many ways!

From the Founder….

“We couldn’t do what we do without the support of our incredible corporate and business partners,” said SocialBox.Biz Founder Peter Paduh. Corporate partners, such as BP, Legal & General, and Regus, are Fortune 500 companies who are serious about giving back to the world around them. Through our partnership with Regus, we’ve conducted laptop drives and made it easier than ever to donate old tech. For example, now our partners can simply go online to request a donation box.

Partner with SocialBox.Biz

Our 2020 goal is to donate 1,000 laptops to the homeless, and we won’t stop there. If your organisation is interested in a social giving project that has already produced results and still has plenty of room for growth, then we invite you to join our cause!

Additional Quotes ( March 2020 update )…

SocialBox.Biz Founder Peter Paduh said:

– A computer provides access to loved ones without that  physical
contact during this crises.

– my initiative provides computers to empower vulnerable disadvantaged
people to gain access to the internet, to  enable and to promote the
principle of self determination via the access to internet.

— People are able to socialize online with their community, friends
and family, order basic life necessities like groceries, for some
people who are already isolated like the orderly this is the only
contact with outside world.

Gio Valdez, Social Impact Projects Leader at SocialBox.Biz said: ‘ ‘Our team is working on donating at least 10,000 laptops by 2030 as part of the Laptops for Homeless and Vulnerable Initiative. With our donation boxes, not only are individuals donating laptops, but they are also donating business suits and attire, shoes, other IT items, and more. Partnering with great British companies has allowed us to widen the scope of our mission.

– We are collaborating with corporations, businesses, and
organizations to provide laptops to disadvantaged people during crises
and beyond.  So many people are digitally excluded from the
functioning world today.  There are thousands of older people on low incomes who cannot afford to buy a computer for home use
but who could benefit from having one.  Our goal is to collect as many
no longer need but still useful laptops as possible, and re-home them
to the people who need them most.

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