SocialBox.Biz Now Hosting Computer Skills Classes at Community Centre in London

A SocialBox.Biz blog post update by Alex, February 2020.

***April 2020 update – computer class is currently replaced with telephone call out support on Wednesdays***

Update from Age UK London on 5th June 2020 about SocialBox.Biz virtual computer class:

”Many thanks for sorting out the issue with the lady and her laptop.  She was so delighted to get a laptop as she could not afford to buy one herself.” 

Being proficient in technology is mandatory if you want to succeed in the world today. Our entire lives are run through computers and phones that dictate everything we do.

That’s why we believe this kind of education should be accessible and attainable by people who can’t necessarily afford university education, as well as refugees, homeless, and elderly without access to any kind of education at all.

We will be hosting basic computer literacy classes that include word processing, internet basics, email, online shopping, etc. every Wednesday from 4-6PM in 6 week blocks.

Having completed a 6-week pilot class, we will be launching our next 6-week series on Wednesday, April 15, 2020. Each class will specialize in different computer topics, from hobbies and online music, to setting up email accounts.

SocialBox.Biz founder with one of the graduates from December / January computer class


The Computer Class Room, Community Hall, Side Entrance, Eldon Road Baptist Church, 6 Eldon Road, London, N22 5DT. Tel. 0208 881 6028.

We are very pleased with the offers received from businesses willing to volunteer at our classes.

Spread the word. We hope to see you there.

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