About Us

SocialBox.Biz is a Community Interest Company (CIC) improving the local community by providing innovative technology solutions & solving impact problems for clients

These initiatives include:

  • Social and IT innovation: Putting laptops with open source software into homeless centres to provide social and digital inclusion to those who need it the most.
  • Supporting refugees living in the UK who need to connect with their new community.
  • Training at-risk job seekers, such as homeless individuals, on basic computer skills, resume-building, and technology-focused job skills
  • Promoting technological innovations to improve our society.
  • Embracing innovation to deliver e-learning courses for those who can not afford university studies (such as the homeless, refugees, and recent immigrants)

We have a regularly updated news & posts section on our website where we share our social impact activities and reports. 


SocialBox.Biz sets new Laptop Reuse Handover goal for 2030

SocialBox.Biz Trading Enterprises CIC laptop initiative turning old corporate tech into opportunities for disadvantaged people to get back on their feet.  What other companies are doing is making our community interest company a part of their sustainability strategy.

We are very much encouraged by the recent rising trend of other companies moving towards making more social impact. We hope to encourage more businesses to become socially active through our example, and as a community interest company (CIC).

What does this mean for our clients?

Our clients include corporations who want to implement sustainable, long-term corporate governance strategies in their firms. More than just searching for a one-time public relations boost, our clients are committed to creating or contributing to lasting, measurable solutions to our communitys biggest social problems. We consult with our clients to help them include such strategies, carry out these plans in practical ways, and assist with communicating social impact over time. 

Our primary services as a social impact initiative

At SocialBox.Biz, we help corporations create a measurable positive impact on their communities as we implement more cost-effective IT strategies. We can also coach your IT department on safe methods of wipingsensitive data out of old hard drives and help you donate unneeded computers to those most in need in your neighborhood. We distribute your old computers to the homeless and disadvantaged clients of our partner charities, train them to use basic office software, and help them create and send out resumes to their new employers. 

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! Check out our Services page for more details on the supportive corporate social impact and IT services we can offer your corporation.

Please also check out our Digital Inclusion page for information on our current initiatives including the Laptops for Homeless Support Initiative, where were working to donate at least 1,000 re-homed laptops to homeless and disadvantaged individuals in 2020. 

If you have further questions or want to support our efforts, please contact us !

Commitment to Social Inclusion, Digital Inclusion and Environment

Through initiatives such as Microsoft partner programme and Open Source innovation SOCIALBOX.BIZ and our service partners ensure that computers going to recipients – charitable, educational and community organisations contain appropriate software – benefiting our clients social impact efforts. Our policy ensures that everything is dealt with safely, securely and environmentally benefiting out communities and at the same reducing carbon emissions due to all solutions being locally focused.

Through our work we have established that companies can generate positive social returns and improved reputation amongst their customers and investors via SocialBox.Biz initiatives.

We strive to make sure our business embodies the principles of social impact through optimizing donation of working laptops and maximising social return. We help our customers further build and maintain  their social impact. Our local focus not only contributes to reducing scope 3 emissions and sustainability, but also supports people in need and social inclusion in the communities where we live and work. The sustainably impact of re-using and donating locally is clear, as it can actually help reduce carbon emissions.

A word about our founder  

Our founder Peter Paduh as a former unaccompanied child refugee himself  wanted to give back the British society and help people using his IT skills that he learned as a child thanks to an old laptop computer that was given to him when he left a children’s home and moved to a foster family. SocialBox.Biz long standing initiative has been helping older people who can not afford a computer and homeless people get back on their feet as well as   refugees integrate into the British society. Without regular access to personal computers, disadvantaged individuals have little ability to practice basic job skills, shop for their basic needs, and keep in touch with friends and family.

A word about our service partners

Some of our service partners include:

We have created partnerships with many local organisations who cater to the homeless population to help make the most of our initiatives. For instance, we work with Centrepoint, Migrant Help, The Passage, Age UK London, Street Storage, YMCA, New Horizon Youth Centre, and The C4WS – organisations who are all committed to helping homeless and vulnerable people connect with careers, housing, and education.

Cloud storage solutions partners and recycling partners – We work with some of the top recycling organisation who run their own recycling refineries and cloud storage data centres. Together with our partners we solve various business problems for our clients.

If you want to get more information regarding our services, click here to get in touch with one of our professional representatives.