About Us

SOCIALBOX.BIZ is a hub of start-up technology Social Enterprises providing business services to support social causes.

We are solving Corporate Governance ( #CorpGov )  Social Responsibility and Social Value problems faced by firms and organisations via following activities:

Digital Inclusion – Solutions for corporate responsibility and social value problems businesses and organisations are facing. Opportunity to impact on society problems with your old laptops whilst helping your local community and the environment.  With the increasing needs for social and governance performance by firms we solve these problems in a practical and measurable way that make a lasting impact on society.

Cloud based solutions – Cloud IT solution for struggling charities and community organisations employing people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Training – Cloud IT Solutions training for people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Corporate Responsibility and Social Impact Coaching – Coaching businesses and public sector organisations on delivering practical and measurable impact on society and social value results proportionate to the size of their organisation.  Perhaps you are thinking of exiting your corporate job and setting up a social enterprise or  of joining one ? We also provide coaching to help you explore this.

As a social enterprise our mission is in our constitution and incorporation documents ensuring that majority of the company’s profits are reinvested and used for our social mission activities.  These include initiatives such as to support refugees to the UK reconnect with society and putting laptop computers into homeless shelters and older people’s day centres to provide social and digital inclusion to those who have nothing and need it the most.

Our Team:

SocialBox.biz is headed by a team experienced in helping socially excluded people with access to technology and the internet, receiving awards for positive impact on society.

The team’s key business breakthroughs is proving that socially and environmentally focused enterprises can have a sustainable business model while providing practical and innovative solutions with maximum social impact. Our social ventures are self-sustaining and not reliant on grants.

These are the main principles which we adhere to that make us different –

Commitment to Social Inclusion, Digital Inclusion and Environment

Socialbox and some of our team members has been nominated, shortlisted and have several awards for Positive impact, Innovation, Outstanding contribution to name just a few. By working with Socialbox firms will be able to apply for additional awards, boost their community impact and even possibly their share price for practical implementation of their written corporate governance and social responsibility policies.
Please see Awards  section of website for more.

Through initiatives such as  Microsoft partner programme and Open Source networks SOCIALBOX.BIZ and its partners ensure that computers going to recipients – Charitable, educational and community organisations contain appropriate software and low cost or free support – benefiting our clients CSR and Social Value efforts.

Our policy ensures that everything is dealt with safely, securely and environmentally benefiting out communities and at the same reducing carbon emissions due to all solutions being locally focused.

Though our work we have established that companies can generate positive social returns and improved reputation amongst their customers and investors from their disused office items via SOCIALBOX.BIZ initiatives.

SOCIALBOX.BIZ are consistent with the principles of ISO 14001 environmental program, ISO 9001 for the efficiency of service and ISO 27001 for data security. We work with authorised specialist recycling companies who also adhere to highest available standards and hold ISO 14001 / 27001 registrations.

We also follow ISO 26000 through our core principles, business model and standard processes and provide simple guides to explain and promote these standards that are aimed at making our world a better place.

The whole concept embodies the principles of social responsibility through optimising re-homing and donating of working laptops and maximising Social Value. It means we help our customers exceed Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility targets and go well over and above the minimum requirement. SOCIALBOX.BIZ takes it several steps further through its local social impact focus which can for example be aimed at minimising environmental impact and carbon footprint due to it being local and supporting human rights, social justice, social inclusion and local community where we live and work at the same time. Participating clients witness incredible increases in their positive impact on society and local community.

At SOCIALBOX.BIZ we are committed to continuously measuring our social value performance.  To this end we have implemented periodic audits to ensure ongoing compliance with ISO 26000 and maximising positive impact whilst meeting client’s needs.

Some of our service partners include:

  • Cloud storage solutions partners –  We work in partnership with ISO 27001 data and psychical security compliant partners.
  • Recycling Partners – We work with some of the top Recycling organisation, who hold the following certification:
    • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
    • ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System
    • ISO 27001:2005 Security Management System
    • OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety Management

Together with our partners or by acting as a broker we solve various business problems for our clients.

• Corporate Responsibility • Corporate Governance Social Value • Social Impact • Space Limitations • Health & Safety • Data Protection • Environmental compliance