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So how can you get involved ? If you run a business or any other organisation, you can instruct your IT department to contact regarding your disused but still working laptops and our impactful re-homing service.  SocialBox.Biz, a digital inclusion and laptop donation platform, will redistribute the items through qualifying charity partners. Our consultancy programme incorporates charitable and sustainable practices within your normal operations so your social impact becomes a natural extension of the activities in which youre already engaged. Contact us today.

Some more examples and detail on the Awards, Commendations and Nominations:

2021, 2022 & 2023

SocialBox.Biz delivered a large batch of laptops during this difficult lockdown time to our partner Centrepoint who are working with young homeless people. The laptops acquired were wiped clean and loaded with open source software via the technology innovation service from SocialBox.Biz Community Interest company. The laptops are used for a variety of things such as communication with family members, obtaining education, and securing employment.

The c-19 lockdown has caused a number challenges faced by vulnerable populations, as can be attested to by our long-term charity partner Centrepoint.

Their team has helped a number of homeless youths during the lockdowns, and one of the ways in which Centrepoint helped to enrich the lives of the vulnerable was through the partnership with the Laptops for Homeless Initiative.

Sophie Wilson, who is at Centrepoint’s West London hostel, said, “This year has been an extremely challenging one for the young people living in the hostel. During the lockdowns, school, college, and university closures put their educational development at risk.”She elaborated, “The laptops donated to us by SocialBox.Biz have been a lifeline for the young people we support who aren’t lucky enough to own laptops and attend online classes. These laptops have made such a difference and allowed young asylum seekers to join English classes and attend Zoom tutor sessions.”

May 2023

“We are very grateful for the kind donation of laptops to the service users of the Red Cross Hackney Destitution Centre. The Destitution Centre provides practical support to people seeking asylum, most of whom are not entitled to work and have no recourse to public funds. This partnership has enabled some of our service users to access laptops to help with their studies, communication with families as well as legal support. This support would not have been possible without the partnership with Socialbox.Biz On behalf of the service users and staff at the Red Cross Hackney Destitution Centre, we would like to thank Socialbox for this invaluable partnership.”

“We are very grateful to SocialBox.Biz for their generous donation of laptops,” said Mandy Lloyd, Head of Income and Partnerships at Migrant Help. “These laptops are making a real difference to the lives of the marginalised people that we support, by giving them the ability to communicate online – something which most of us take for granted nowadays. We are proud to be working with SocialBox.Biz to make this happen.”

The Passage reported on their website that:
”Working together with the social enterprise SocialBox.Biz, the charity has been helping clients to stay motivated since the start of lockdown; providing laptops, mobiles and tablets to those who were identified as otherwise having no access to electronic devices. This initiative has enabled clients to stay connected with their Passage case workers, carry out online training, keep in touch with their previous employers and apply for new job roles. The devices have also helped to prevent social isolation, improved living conditions for clients, and during a period where the entire nation was increasingly reliant on technology, ensured that they were not at risk of being excluded from employment and training opportunities or social activities.”

SocialBox.Biz are a social enterprise who have been supporting The Passage with donations of free laptops since 2016, providing hundreds of laptops to and tablets to The Passage since. The organisation initially joined forces with the charity to combat digital exclusion in the homelessness sector. SocialBox.Biz play a huge role in improving the quality of life of hundreds of our clients, by transforming houses into homes, through the introduction of electronic devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones that so many of us take for granted.

Peter Paduh, the founder of SocialBox.Biz said: “The lockdown has really highlighted the inequalities we face as a country. While many of us take for granted the homes in which we live and the technology to keep us connected, many people in society do not have access to such luxuries, including the homeless.

“My first break coming to the UK as a refugee was receiving a free computer, which inspired me to later launch SocialBox.Biz It’s great that I can work with charities like The Passage, but the demand is so high right now, and we need more companies to step up and support these initiatives by providing their old laptops and tablets to SocialBox.Biz on an ongoing basis.

Contact SocialBox.Biz to participate on an ongoing basis and solve your corporate impact problems.


Sam Forsdike from C4WS Homeless Project in Central London who find young homeless people shelter in church owned properties, providing them with mentoring, befriending scheme, jobs club and English classes said; “Becoming a partner charity with Social Box and benefiting from the Laptops for Homeless Support initiative has been a fantastic addition to C4WS.

We work with those who are homeless and support them into accommodation. Once in their new homes we are frequently asked by our former guests how they can obtain computers that will enable them to take the next steps forward with their lives, whether this be searching for work, starting college or reconnecting with family and friends.

We have never been able to help them with these requests until discovering Social Box. It has been an absolute delight to see the stunned and excited faces of those guests we have been able to now give laptops to. This simple act makes a huge difference and we are excited to see the real changes it is making in their lives, and for their futures.”

Lorraine McGrath, Chief Executive of Simon Community Scotland said “online access is vital to the process of finding a safe home, managing benefits, applying for jobs and even just keeping connected with family and friends in today’s world. Re-homing others unwanted goods, is the perfect way to offer that same opportunity to people in homelessness and we are delighted to be working with SocialBox.Biz in bringing this approach to Scotland.”

Emma Freivogel, Chief Operating Officer, Working Chance wrote; Again, wonderful to hear about the nomination [technology innovation award] and a huge congratulations from the Working Chance team. It is really wonderful to see that you are being recognised for the great work you are doing with disadvantaged individuals and communities.

Richard Morris, UK CEO of Regus, says: “We are incredibly excited to be partnering with to support this cause. As a workspace provider driven by tech, we know how integral digital skills are to the way that people live and work. “So, instead of putting your old mobile phone at the back of a drawer, never to be seen again, we are asking anyone using, or living nearby to, a Regus centre in London to make a difference by donating this unwanted tech. In doing so, you will be helping even more people to learn essential new skills.”

Peter Mather, BP’s UK head of country, said: “We are pleased to be able to support the initiative. Digital skills play an increasingly central role in modern life, and providing access to homeless and disadvantaged individuals is important for building an inclusive society.”

Linux Foundation General Manager, Training & Certification, Clyde Seepersad, said:

“Laptops for Homeless is a wonderful initiative, providing not just a hand out, but a hand up, to enable individuals to support themselves by conducting valuable, in demand work in the technology field,”

“The Linux Foundation is proud to offer a range of free training courses to help individuals all over the world gain highly useful, marketable skills they can use to build and improve their livelihoods.”


Awards and Nominations

April 2018 – Technology Innovation of the Year Award. received word that they have been nominated for the second consecutive year as the Technology Innovation of the Year Award,.  Recognizing businesses that go above and beyond to contribute to surrounding communities, continues to provide technology based social impact solutions services as well as laptop handovers and training to the marginalized members of society.


June 2017 – was nominated for the ‘Best Use of Tech in Digital Economy’ award at the 2017 UK Tech Awards, sponsored and supported by London Stock Exchange. The awards celebrate success and technology as it relates to the development of economies and communities today. We simply can not think of a better way to use technology than to impact lives of those who have nothing and needs it the most.

May 2017 – University of Westminster awards.  Our founder was nominated for the social impact entrepreneur of the year. The alumni were given an opportunity to nominate their favorite socially minded businesses that they felt are making most impact.

May 2017 – Tech CEO of the Year at the 2017 UK Tech Awards. Perhaps the best nomination thus far this year,’s founder, Peter Paduh, was nominated as the Tech CEO of the Year at the 2017 UK Tech Awards. As a former child refugee himself who came to the U.K. looking for a better future, Peter’s success story is one that would not be possible without access to the Internet. An inspiration to all displaced peoples today, Peter is leading the charge for what is truly possible through social impact entrepreneurialism.

March 2017 – Nominated for The Young Business of the Year at 2017 The British Small Business Awards.  The British Small Business Awards is the celebration of the UK’s small business sector, recognising the nation’s best sole traders, micro businesses and small companies – as well as the services providers and advisers that support them.

March 2017 – Nominated 2017 Business Awards from PWC – Congratulations! Your company, SocialBox.Biz, has been nominated for an award.  You have been nominated for the following award(s):  Technology Innovation of the Year Award.

The Awards recognize achievements and the important contribution that entrepreneurs and businesses make to the UK economy which is now in its seventh year and is considered a huge success in raising the profile of participating business.


Startup of the year showcase | Guardian Small Business Network | The Guardian Newspaper 
2015 -2016 competition entry: In their own words: ‘our main concern is the social impact of what we do’

01 April 2016 – UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO.GOV.UK) enters SOCIALBOX as a registered trade mark into its register with registration until 08 January 2026.

2015 – 2016

SOCIALBOX.BIZ Awarded DROPBOX for BUSINESS Partner Status enabling us to provide ground breaking cloud solutions through the Digital Cloud.

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