Digital Inclusion

Digital Inclusion

According to the Office for National Statistics, in 2014, some 11%, that’s 5.9 million people in the UK had never used a inclusion

Many of these are on low incomes such as the refugees, young people in the care system, homeless, the elderly and disabled people. These figures are even higher amounts these groups and those living below the poverty line where majority of disadvantaged people still have no access to a computer. Without access to the Internet there is a severe barrier to gaining employment and connecting with family and friends. Furthermore, they are disadvantaged through not being able to perform tasks on-line or access cheaper deals for utilities and shopping. There is also a cost to the economy in that non-Internet users cost more for local Councils to service, as an example.

Socially and Digitally excluded people cannot connect cheaply with friends and family or access jobs and many of those that have never used a computer are those from low income households or, having no household at all.

So what can be done ? as a part of its social impact digital inclusion initiative collects disused but still working laptop computers in order to support disadvantaged groups with computers. They work with charities in the areas of homelessness, ex offenders, young refugees, young people in the care system and the elderly.

So how can you get involved ? If you run a business or any other organisation, you can instruct your IT department to contact regarding your disused but still working laptops via platform.  SocialBox.Biz, a digital inclusion and laptop donation platform, will redistribute the items through qualifying charity partners.

You can also participate in an employee engagement programme so that your staff can also be engaged and participate with their old laptops, games consoles and mobile phones.

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Our service level includes: Provision of collection boxes, up to same day box collection and various data security solutions which ensure your firm is leading by example in increasingly important areas such as Corporate Governance and Social Impact. We can also share this data with investors, investors indexes and consumers as a service to those committed to ongoing positive impact on society via our initiatives.

Our digital inclusion initiatives created these programs to support vulnerable populations via digital inclusion and social inclusion as well as training and mentoring as launched a number of campaigns with various charities.  Firms looking to lead by practical example of Environmental Social Governance can demonstrate their ongoing commitment to positive impact via platform and change the world for those who who have nothing and need it the most:

Laptops for homeless support

Laptops for older people living in isolation

Laptops for young refugees

Laptops for young people in the care system


For Case studies, information on our free Pop UP Computer Classes Digital inclusion training we provide and E-learning resources visit our training blog 

Training for those who need it the most

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How it works exactly ?

Social Impact

Solve Corporate Governance ( #Corpgov ) problems and boost your firm’s Environmental Social Governance ( #ESG ) profile with your old laptops, digital skills training and jobs for those who need them the most.

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Contact us today ! also has a number of public drop off points:

We are regularly approached by many additional charities asking for laptop donations, and we would love to assist. Unfortunately, we currently face a shortage of technology. Charities are welcome to contact us, and we’ll do our best to offer advice on guidance on how to join our initiative and at what point we can assist with arranging for the computers to be prepared for redistribution to your cause. Please get in touch with via our Contact Us page.

More information about Digital Inclusion:

Bridging The Employment Gap Through Digital Inclusion                                                      

Article by Anesa, blogger

London-based start-up technology social impact initiative SocialBox.Biz is on a mission to redistribute outdated laptops to the vulnerable populations  of the United Kingdom.

There have been numerous attempts to enhance the circumstance of Londoners with respect to employment. Whether it’s through an assortment of plans in local boroughs or figuring out the best method to find jobs, the employment gap is very real and people are actively trying to close it.

According to developmental reports found on many of London council’s websites, for the city to continue being a competitor on the world stage, the capital’s efforts need be coordinated to ensure all Londoners are given access to opportunities to maximise their potential. The idea behind these reports is that London’s inhabitants and workforce should have the capacity to profit from work opportunities by removing obstacles to employment.

With the speed that things are constantly changing and evolving, it has also been emphasised that Londoners who are out of work need to learn new skills required by organisations quickly and efficiently. For instance, Londoners who aren’t tech savvy should be able to access computers. Likewise, Londoners who are currently up to speed should have access to advanced training to stay current with the latest technological improvements.

There are billions of individuals in this world without proper fundamentals. When considering the imbalance in the UK, we often come across homeless individuals without a rooftop over their heads, and any guarantee of work so they can get their life back on track. Although they don’t have the same access as the rest of society, they’re still expected to move out of the poverty cycle. This access to the basic technology is what we deem Digital Inclusion.

What is Digital Inclusion?

Digital Inclusion refers to the capacity for a person to have solid access to the online world today. Whether it’s a cell phone, desktop computer, tablet or laptop, one of these costly electronic devices is required, in addition to Internet/WiFi, to join the digital world.

Most homeless people, elderly and low-income households struggle for other essentials in addition to the need to stay updated with current events. The outcome? No convenient method for writing a CV, applying for most employment and researching information that could change their critical circumstances.

Ever heard of the phrase, “Give a man a fish and he’ll starve, but teach him how to fish and he’ll always have food?” This is the same idea. Instead of giving the less fortunate handouts, lets figure out a way to “teach them to fish”.

Laptop Donations?

Enter: SocialBox.Biz! A start-up socially focused technology venture determined to use digital inclusion to assist the UK’s disadvantaged starting in their local communities. They have seen the research on the millions below poverty level and have pledged to accomplish something progressive to make a change.

The London based social entity brings this digital exclusion to the awareness of other organisations and encourages companies to host laptop collection bins on their property in line with their corporate governance and social responsibility #corpgov and #csr policies – for those items no longer needed but that can be used by those who need them the most via digital inclusion donation initiatives.

The idea is that these companies that host collection boxes will publicise their donation site to their local community to help with community engagement as well as enhance community outreach for the sponsor business boosting their own employee engagement at the same time.


This stage is where companies come together for a philanthropic cause. After the company decides to host the tech drive, London based SocialBox.Biz does the tough work. The all-service project includes gathering used but still working and useful items, reprogramming and resetting to ensure all data has been removed and repacking the donations for distribution in the community for those that are eligible.

By cooperating with other local charities and organisations, they have Delivery Days to bring these items to those in need. Not only does this project grant the business the gift of giving, it gives those that needed the extra push the ability to jump-start their next move.

Job-hunting, applying for government aid or simply staying connected with family the donations may be one step, but that can be the first step of somebody’s next phase of life.

Technology is one of the few things that can alter our entire world. Access to technology is turning out to be essential and SocialBox.Biz knows there is a demand for Internet access. By utilising innovation and technology, SocialBox.Biz redistributes old goods into the hands of those who would have otherwise been without.

The appeal that drives the trailblazing London-based start-up begins and ends with the desire to reach the community and provide methods for advancement. There’s no need to keep somebody from learning how to fish.


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