SocialBox.Biz helping partners reduce scope 3 emissions and increase social impact.

Earth Day Special – 22nd April  2024

Reused and upgraded Laptop and Macbook donations with open source innovation have created lasting change in the lives of recipients. Very recently, SocialBox.Biz began a ComptiaA+ program in which candidates can receive their certification in order to work in IT. We are pleased to announce that our first student is currently studying for their ComptiaA+ certification. The aim is to continue growing this program so that more people emerging from homeless shelters can take computer classes such as this one. Companies can sponsor additional students, basic computer classes and tech labs for older people living on small pensions and refugees integrating into British society, please contact us to discuss further:

Solving Scope 3 emissions problem for participating companies and organisaitons

There are mountains of old computers and tech in London alone, but you have the power to change the future. Partnering with SocialBox.Biz is a pledge to a more eco-friendly way dealing with old tech for your organisation, it’s also a promise to those in need. Connect with us today to see how you can make a lasting impact with us.  

For over a decade, we challenged our existing and prospective partners to make donations that would leave lasting impact. We know all too well the extent to which a single laptop can make the life of someone in need. It can truly put someone on track for immeasurable success by connecting them with educational and career opportunities that would not have been otherwise possible.  Over the past decade donations have been carried out through respected charity organisations such as Migrant Help UK, Age UK London, C4WS, British Red Cross, The Passage and others across the United Kingdom. These organisations provide much-needed support for those in need including homeless people, elderly, and refugees. 

EarthDay2024 Celebrated with donation handovers. Pictures from C4WS Homeless Project And The Passage April 2024 with SocialBox.Biz founder.

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