SOCIALBOX.BIZ | Our latest case studied with The Passage in Westminster City.

In this case study, we are exploring how the SocialBox.Biz initiative  is helping organisations reduce Scope 3 emissions while giving back to those in need.  Updated 30th May 2024

The Passage, one of our charity partners, recently shared some case studies with us. During recent deliveries in 2023/24 over 100 additional items have been provided, including laptops and  mobile phones for The Passage clients utilizing its services. These items were donated by SocialBox.Biz as part of our initiative, which seeks out old, usable tech from organisations. The Passage cites that its clients use their laptops for accessing online courses, searching for new jobs, getting support for their online benefits applications, and staying connected with family and friends. Moreover, The Passage says that it used one of the laptops to run open computer access sessions in its Resource Center. This service is being held twice per month, offering internet access to those who do not currently have a device. During these sessions, The Passage was also able to attain digital support from either their Pre-employment coach, Resilient coach, or a volunteer. 

“Thank you so much for the donations; it has been incredibly helpful for our clients to achieve their goals! We are also happy to let you know how this year’s donations will be used,” said the team at The Passage. 

Through initiatives like this, SocialBox.Biz is addressing numerous environmental and humanitarian concerns with a single process. As part of this process, we obtain old but still usable tech from organisations and help them solve impact problems and reduce scope 3 emissions by reusing locally first before recycling. We wipe old tech clean and upload open source software to it. We also hand over some of the suitable items to charities such as The Passage. Recently we celebrated with The Passage 7 years of joint effort in giving. During that time, we have donated hundreds of laptops as part of our partnership. Through this process, we continue to help organisations reduce their Scope 3 emissions while offering opportunities for those who need them the most. 

We invite you to join the SocialBox.Biz cause today. Connect with us to learn how you can donate old tech!

Latest case studies below prepared by The Passage team

( Westminster City, London SW1 –  30th May 2024 update by The Passage homelessness charity)

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