7th February 2024:  Article about 10 years of local social impact and scope 3 emissions reduction by SocialBox.Biz a community interest company.

SocialBox.Biz Trading Enterprises CIC laptop initiative turning old corporate tech into opportunities for disadvantaged people to get back on their feet.  What other companies are doing is making our community interest company a part of their sustainability strategy.

/// Change Starts At The Top  – SocialBox.Biz Celebrates Ten Years of Making an Impact with a Call To Action for Corporate Boards and Company Leaders/// In 2024 and beyond when you have old tech – call us first before you call the scrap recycling companies to check what can be reused and donated. Reduce pollution and scope 3 emissions whilst increasing social impact today due to local reuse. ///

The past ten years have been a whirlwind of success with the launch and expansion of the Laptops for Homeless moving into permanent accommodation, older people living in isolation and refugees integrating into British society program, but we still have so much work to do. Each new partner is another advancement for us and for the underprivileged people we serve. Over the years, we’ve found that particular segments of the population are more at risk for not having access to a laptop. These findings reflect the research and data presented by many other organisations.

The evidence of this can be found in the work of one of our partners, Change The Race Ratio. This organisation is led by over 100 business signatories who are top business leaders on a mission to improve diversity across the UK business sector. We are a signatory for this movement, along with many other UK companies who are committed to closing the gap in race equity in UK business leadership.

Change the Race Ratio was launched initially to support FTSE companies reach their Parker-Tyler Review target of increasing diversity at board level. But not all of our signatories are large corporations. Here we talk to Peter Paduh, founder of SocialBox.Biz and campaign signatory, about why diversity and inclusion is important to him, and what it means to be part of Change the Race Ratio.

SocialBox.Biz has found similar findings in terms of computer access, finding that minorities like refugees have fewer means of accessing computers than others. It’s almost impossible to access basic training much less to progress in leadership without a computer. How can we expect young people from minorities without Macbooks and laptops to become leaders?

We have helped numerous disadvantaged people of minorities and genuine refugees integrating into British society  improve their lives with donated laptops and start their own businesses and progress with their careers in the UK.

Peter founder of SocialBox.Biz with Rachel founder of Street Storage Homelessness charity and beneficiaries of reused laptops from charity partners  C4WS, Centrepoint, The Passage and others.


SocialBox.Biz founder Peter Paduh knows all too well what such a small but kind gesture can do. He received an old computer to aid in his education and integration into British society as a child refugee in London. Now, that donation has paid off many times over.

We’ve also found studies that confirm the success of ongoing responsible business activities combined with marketing actions in terms of increasing share price while doing good for customers who would prefer to buy from companies that are involved with initiatives such as ours. There are no smelters in the U.K. where old computers are accepted for recycling, which means that companies, universities, and councils must send computers abroad for recycling. Our initiative helps these organisations reduce Scope 3 emissions with a concept that sees more older tech loaded with free open source software and reused or donated locally in the UK.

We invite you to join the initiative with SocialBox.Biz. Become one of our partners today with your ongoing participation in the collections of old but still functioning Macbooks and laptops from your offices. Connect with us today to find out how your donation could impact tomorrow’s leaders. Our local solution provides more impact than recycling and we are the only self-sustaining social enterprise doing it in this way.

SocialBox.Biz Readies for Even More Business Heroes to Join their Mission – Reduce scope 3 emissions, increase social impact and include it in your company’s annual report.

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SocialBox.Biz – 2024 update 

Companies can now solve their impact problems and reduce scope 3 emissions from old tech by sponsoring additional students, basic computer classes and tech labs for older people living on small pensions and refugees integrating into British society, please contact us to discuss further:

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