SocialBox.Biz Readies for Even More Business Heroes to Join their Mission

A SocialBox.Biz update – 2 February 2023

The SocialBox.Biz initiative is adding to its already extensive list of business hero partners



SocialBox.Biz is a community interest company that works by collecting tech donations, wiping laptops clean, loading them with open source software, and handing some of them over to charities and organisations benefiting the less fortunate. This method has already helped countless people, including older people living on a small pension who can not afford a computer, and people who experienced homelessnes get back on their feet by taking college classes and applying to jobs. Plus, the laptops are a great way for refugees to communicate with family and integrate into the British society. This is also helping businesses solve the problem of old stock from their offices.

A recent article by SocialBox.Biz: A Stepping Stone Into Society, published in the Local Government Association Magazine says:

‘’Importantly, this does not affect recycling contracts as items can still be sent for recycling that needed recycling and still usable items donated to our initiative once we’ve removed any usable items. Upcycling, by reusing and donating to those who cannot afford a computer, is a far more environmentally friendly solution than selling old computers for recycling to scrap companies. Giving someone a free laptop may not seem like much, but for many people it gives them hope and is an important stepping stone into society.’’

The team at SocialBox.Biz partners a number of local organisations We have created partnerships with many local UK organisations that work with low income families and pensioners, those recovering from homelessness and other disadvantaged people. The team at SocialBox.Biz recently announced a new partnership with Migrant Help with Migrant Help, a charity that supports people affected by displacement and exploitation. Repurposed laptops help those affected by trauma to receive vital services while utilising online learning and communication.

Mandy Lloyd, Head of Income & Partnerships at Migrant Help, said:

“We are so grateful for the work done by SocialBox.Biz and that they have chosen us as a partner to support. Their donations of vital tech equipment make a significant, often life-changing impact for our clients, providing crucial access to resources, learning and information that otherwise would simply not be accessible to them. It is a real pleasure to collaborate with such a generous and forward-thinking organisation.”

SocialBox.Biz team commented:

“We are the only community interest company rehoming old but usable tech from companies, universities, and schools and placing them in the hands of the disadvantaged in local UK communities in this way. We provide on-site data removal service and load the technology with open-source software, solving common problems for IT teams. We’ve done a lot, but we will do a lot more with the help of more partners.”

The Business Heroes initiative was kicked off specifically with the goal of recruiting new business partners. These partners then solve the problem of old items from officed and have their outdated no longer needed but still functioning technology collected benefiting the local community and society as a whole. SocialBox.Biz takes it from there, wiping devices clear of data and loading them with open source productivity tools.


Marching into 2023, SocialBox.Biz is sounding the alarm for more businesses, organisations in the education sector, and universities to join the cause. These very institutions generate a wealth of outdated tech that is typically recycled, which isn’t the best option for the environment. Instead, SocialBox.Biz encourages them to reuse via their initiative items they no longer need but that can still be used and be a champion for those in need. To date, SocialBox.Biz has reused and rehomed thousands of old devices and worked with a variety of charity organisations.


For every 5,000 items collected, SocialBox.Biz also aims to contributes towards their scholarship program designed to benefit the homeless and refugees.

SocialBox.Biz is providing sustainable assistance for those who want to get back on their feet, and they are inviting Business Heroes to come be a part of the mission in 2023. Learn more at






SocialBox.Biz is a Community Interest Company (CIC) improving the local community by providing innovative technology solutions.

SocialBox.Biz launched in 2014 to take unused and outdated laptops and other no longer needed but still usable technology from businesses, organisations, and other agencies and wipe them clean before upgrading and donating them to those in need. Today, the company is working towards larger donation milestones. In order to ensure all reused laptops are used to their fullest, SocialBox.Biz works with accommodation services and charities that monitor usage of the electronics.




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