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Update from the British Red Cross 2nd October, 2023. Updated 7th Nov 2023 and 15th Feb 2024

Yuliia – Laptop Case Study 

Yuliia came with her two sons to Great Britain under the Homes for Ukraine scheme, fleeing the war. She always tried to support the Ukrainians who lived in her area and later decided to help and volunteer in the British Red Cross – Ukraine Response London team. Yuliia needed a laptop to learn English and also to support Ukrainian refugees. In addition, her children will also have the opportunity to learn the language better thanks to the laptop.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the organization that provided me with a laptop, and to the Social Box and British Red Cross for assisting me with this opportunity. My name is Yulia Kosilkova, and I am currently in England under the “Homes for Ukrainians” scheme. I am a volunteer with the British Red Cross, and to improve my work and communication with clients, I needed a device. Thanks to the laptop, I can now offer my assistance to the Red Cross more efficiently and quickly. Additionally, I can use it for personal training and leisure.”


Family 1

Svitlana Laptop Case Study 

Svitlana and Victor came to the UK from Ukraine via the Family Visa Scheme. They first approached the British Red Cross and asked for help to contact the Local Authorities and apply for homelessness support. They also had some other issues and needed help with, but an important problem was not having a laptop to learn English which will help resolve the issues they have been facing in their daily life. The British Red Cross provided them with a laptop which was donated by Social Box. She has been using the new laptop and signed up for ESOL classes to learn English which will help her communicate in English in her new community. As Svitlana cares for her husband who has been suffering from cancer and has disabilities, it is not possible for her to attend campus-based classes. 

 She desperately needs to learn English which will help her communicate with her doctors, contact the council for the issues they have been facing and learn about life in the UK. She has been very thankful to the British Red Cross and Social Box for donating the laptop which can help her significantly improve her life by better communication. 


Family 2

R reunited with his wife and 5 children in the UK in early August 2023.

The refugee family from Afghanistan settled in London after years of separation. Unfortunately, the family experienced significant financial hardships. However, their persistence resulted in them moving into a suitable home in London and the children starting school. As R continued to support the family by contacting relevant support and filling out required documents, and the children had ample homework to complete, the family’s Red Cross caseworker believed they would benefit from a laptop to assist with social and academic integration. Social Box’s generous laptop donation has enabled the family to explore their technological curiosity and improve their IT literacy skills. Outside of schoolwork, his children are currently teaching themselves the English alphabet by watching videos on the laptop. As a treat, R informed their caseworker his children used the laptop to play games after school.

Family: 3
Laptop provided: 20/10/2023

We provided a laptop to a family we have recently begun supporting in September,
this family consists of a mother, father and their two sons, aged 16 and 18. They have just arrived in
the UK after fleeing violence in Iran. The family have currently been housed in a one-bedroom hotel
room and currently have no access to public funds and are unable to work due to mobility issues.
They are therefore reliant on foodbank vouchers and Red Cross financial assistance. The Social Box
laptop allows the teenage boys to work on their English skills and continue their education, despite
being displaced for two years and missing these key years of study. The mother is also currently
studying (Maths and English) at a local college, in order to complete this she requires access to a
laptop. This laptop is further essential for her as she works towards her ambition of studying
computer science at University, something she had to stop working towards due to conflict in her
home country and restrictive women’s rights.
This laptop will continue to be a lifeline for this family and an opening of countless opportunities for
them after such a challenging, distressing few years.

Family: 4
Laptop Provided: 05/10/2023

Our client recently reunited with her husband and daughter after nearly four years apart and after
fleeing conflict in Syria. Her and her husband are both extremely determined to improve their
English and require online ESOL classes (as well as being enrolled in a local college). They are also
looking to use the laptop to create a CV and begin applying for jobs, father is a decorator. Being able
to do this will mean they are able to support themselves and their daughter while they adjust to life
here in the UK.
Additionally, our client has previously expressed a desire to study medicine or nursing, although this
is not something she is looking to work towards right now, access to a laptop allows her to explore
these future study and employment options.
The laptop has also assisted with the numerous administrative tasks that come with arriving in the
UK and moving to a new house, they have been moved into temporary accommodation. These tasks
include things such as applying for council tax, setting up utility accounts and registering for local
services, such as the GP.

Family:5 ( case study received 15th Feb 2024)

Laptop provided: December 2023.
Name: Anonymous
Our client was recently reunited with his family, wife and two children, who have fled the war in
Yemen. The family currently live in the sponsor’s studio property and have faced extreme financial
hardships since arriving in the UK. They have been heavily reliant on food banks and charitable
support while they begin this new life here in the UK.
With Social Boxes’ help we were able to provide the family with a laptop to assist with the children’s
schooling, which is more vital than ever considering that their education has been disrupted by the
conflict they have experienced. With the use of this laptop the children are able to complete
schoolwork, access online support and be connected to friends and family back in Yemen (for
example with the use of video call and email).
Both the sponsor and his wife can also use this to access online English courses, helping them
integrate into life in the UK and begin applying for jobs to help their financial situation.


Pictures from donations 10th November 2023.

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