What we collect

With SocialBox.Biz you can benefit the society and your organisational impact goals  in a number of ways. These are just some of the no longer needed but still useful items that we can assist businesses with finding a purpose for  via our reuse and re-homing platform:

1. OFFICE EQUIPMENT FROM STORAGE, WHEN MOVING OFFICES  OR UPGRADING – COMPUTER AND ELECTRONICS FOR REUSE AND RE-HOMING DONATION ( For example: apart from laptops for our digital inclusion initiative we also accept all kinds of no longer needed, yet still usable tech items and gadgets such as – telephones and telecoms equipment
– conference room AV equipment
– desktops, tablets, IPads, Imacs and other Apple products.
– screens, keyboards and cables
– coffee machines
– servers, switches and routers )

Please note that we are currently not able to accept furniture donations.




( That can be worn to job interviews )




(Please note for our charitable digital inclusion programme we are only able accept equipment of minimum Dual-Core Equivalent age and spec at charity partner drop off locations.)

Donate Old Unwanted, Yet Still Usable Tech To Our Initiative Via SocialBox.Biz Drop-Off Location


To book a collection from your office or to receive one of our donation collection containers for your office building please contact us.