Donate Old Unwanted, Yet Still Usable Tech To Our Initiative Via SocialBox.Biz Drop-Off Location

Individual donations of old no longer needed, yet still usable tech such as Laptops,MacBooks, iPads,  iPods, iPhones, Apple iMacs, Game console 

Phone : 0843 289 5722  Email: Donate@SocialBox.Biz

(Please note that we are only able to accept still usable equipment of minimum Intel 4th Gen / 2014 and above equivalent age and spec.)

For any enquirers from members of public who are in need of support with access to a computer

  • Please contact our participating charity partners found under our digital inclusion page and then by following the link to different initiatives. Our service is to supply the partnering charities who already have processes in place to assist those in need including accommodation services for homeless people and other support.  

Our PCDonations.Org campaign is now re-directed to this page, below is the overview of the campaign and some frequently asked questions:

Donating Old, Yet Still Usable Laptops, PCs and Apple Mac-books In London And The UK.

Laptop PC and Apple Mac-book Donations is a local UK initiative from SocialBox.Biz a non-profit community interest organization that accepts old, yet still working usable computers donations for the purpose of re-using them.

SocialBox.Biz believes that we must prepare and adequately equip people who can not afford computers with the tools they need to succeed in the Information Age.

To donate, please contact:

SociaBox.Biz, a Community Interest Company provides IT service innovations including digital inclusion services for homeless people, refugees, and older people in isolation is now accepting donations of old but still usable laptops including Apple MacBooks and  Apple computers.

The laptops will be wiped of all data and then installed with open source software that will help the user get back on their feet, including:

  • An internet browser
  • An email client
  • A document editor
  • A media player

Laptops are distributed to people in need, free of charge via partnering charities.

If you have an old laptop that you no longer need, please consider donating it to SocialBox.Biz.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will SocialBox.Biz Laptop and Apple Mac-book Donations local UK initiative come to my location to pick up the computers?
 For donations of 10 or more computers, we can arrange for an onsite pick-up. For smaller quantities just place the donations into a box and
 we can send you a parcel label

Will Laptop PC and Apple Mac-book Donations local UK initiative wipe my hard drive?
Laptop PC and Apple Mac-book Donations local UK initiative will wipe hard drives before reusing.  Laptop PC and Apple Mac-book Donations local UK initiative recommends erasing and formatting your hard drive before donating.  If needed, please contact us to assist you with the process. For larger quantities we can arrange on-site IT services for data wiping. If a certificate of wiping is required please indicate at the time of your donation.

Do you collect other tech items ?
Yes we do collect other tech items for donations that are still functioning such as we are able to fundraise with these items to keep our initiative sustainable.

Do you recycle broken items ?
Our initiative only accepts usable items and we can also provide donation boxes, if you require assistance with recycling we can recommend an authorised recycler, please contact us.

I am a refugee or a homeless student, am I eligible to receive a computer from Laptop and Apple Mac-book Donations local UK initiative?
Computers are not distributed directly to students.  Please contact participating charities to apply.

How long does it take to receive a computer after I apply?
The length of time varies because the amount of requests we can fulfill depends on the amount of contributions from our donors. The more contributions we receive, the more requests we can fulfill.

What type of software do the computers come with?
The software titles included with the computer are open source innovations.

Contact Us And Further Information
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Join our campaign ( for charities )

Laptops for SocialBox.Biz Digital Inclusion Initiatives donation box locations

We do also  have a number of partners that have kindly provided collection points for us. Please ensure that disused but still working and reusable laptop computers , mobile phones and games consoles are labelled ‘SocialBox.Biz’ and placed into our SocialBox.Biz donation box that you will find with our partner.


  • Hammersmith Library Shepherds Bush Road London W6 7AT
    PCs, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Games Consoles and other consoles. 

Regus office sites 

( please contact us for other participating Regus sites in London and beyond to arrange for you to drop off your donations )

  • Spaces-Regus  Farringdon, To donate please ask for SocialBox.Biz donation box located in the reception of Spaces-Regus office space 77 Farringdon Rd, Farringdon, London EC1M 3JU
  • Regus Old Street Reception,  Eagle House, 167 City Road, Old Street, London , EC1V 1AW
  • Regus – North London, Enfield Innova Park, Vision 25, Innova Business Park, Electric Ave, London EN3 7GD

PCs, Laptops, Mobile Phones & Games Consoles and other gadgets.

Age UK London

  • Central London donate facility is located at Age UK Camden SHOP (Opening times 10am-4pm Monday to Friday), 53 Leather Ln, London EC1N 7TJ.

PCs, Laptops, Mobile Phones & Games Consoles.

Caritas Anchor House

  • 81 Barking Rd, Canning Town, London E16 4HB

Laptops, Mobile Phones, Games Consoles and other gadgets.

Regus office sites in Scotland

  • Regus, 69 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, G1 3HL

Simon Community ( Scotland )

  • 472 Ballater Street, Glasgow. G5 0QW

Laptops, Mobile Phones, Games Consoles and other gadgets.

Other items 

Businesses and individuals can send items not suitable for donation with ‘SocialBox.Biz’ written on them to this recycling facility (or contact their local council):

  • SocialBox.Biz, C/O Tes-Amm (Europe) Ltd, recycling facility, 3 Drummond Cres, Irvine KA11 5AN


As this is a public event we do recommend that before donating your laptop or other items to delete your data, copy any files and reset to factory settings !  

To physically remove the hard drive please check these two simple guides below:

How to remove hard drive simple steps;

How to use it as a additional storage device;

We are always looking for more collection points throughout the UK. We are also  looking for more companies that would like to boost Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Engagement efforts. If your organisation would like to work with Social Enterprise please contact: 

IDEAS at or call us on 0843 289 5722


## Additional Information:

SociaBox.Biz, a long standing not-for-profit digital inclusion IT service provider for homeless people, refugees, and older people in isolation is now also accepting donations of old but still usable  Apple MacBooks and Apple computers.

SocialBox.Biz believes that we must prepare and adequately equip people who can not afford a computer with the tools they need to succeed in the Computer Age. The skills required to function in the modern world are becoming increasingly reliant on computers, and those who don’t have access to them are at a severe disadvantage.

SociaBox.Biz provides reused laptops to those in need, pre-loaded with open source software and programs that can help them get back on their feet. The laptops are provided free of charge, and the only requirement is that they are returned when no longer needed so that someone else can benefit from them.

If you have an old laptop that you no longer need, please consider donating it to SocialBox.Biz. Your donation could change someone’s life.


SocialBox.Biz was founded by social entrepreneur who came to the UK a a child refugee. SocialBox.Biz, a social enterprise, supplies free reused laptops with open source software to the homeless, refugees and the elderly via charity partners. It was founded by a former child refugee who was given an old used laptop. SocialBox.Biz has had a surge in requests for the laptops and depends on ongoing participation from businesses and other partners to meet the increased demand. If you have an old but usable laptop and charger which you are happy to donate please send it into school.
The organization was created with the mission of tackling social isolation and loneliness by providing a platform for people to donate suitable items. SocialBox.Biz started also accepting donations of old but still usable laptops including Apple MacBooks and  Apple computers benefiting disadvataged people. These include homeless individuals, refugees, and those from disadvantaged backgrounds, who need access to technology to help them improve their lives. Through its “Laptops for Homeless Support Initiative”, SocialBox.Biz aims to provide laptops to those who are most in need, enabling them to access important services, such as education and employment opportunities. With the help of old laptops and computers donated by individuals and businesses, SocialBox.Biz hopes to make a real difference in the lives of those who are struggling to get by. If you have an old but still usable laptop or computer that you would like to donate, you can get in touch with SocialBox.Biz to find out more about how you can make a difference. Your donation could help change someone’s life for the better, giving them the tools they need to succeed and thrive in today’s digital age.
Apple has a range of Mac products, but some of the most popular ones include: 1. MacBook Air – A lightweight laptop with impressive battery life and processing power. 2. MacBook Pro – A high-performance laptop offering advanced features, including Retina display and Touch Bar. 3. iMac – A powerful all-in-one desktop computer that comes with a large display and computer components all in one package. 4. Mac Mini – A compact and affordable desktop computer that can be used as a home theater PC or small office computer. 5. Mac Pro – An advanced computer designed for professionals with features such as fast processors, multiple graphics cards and large storage capacity. 6. MacBook – A slim and sleek laptop, ideal for users who need a portable device for basic tasks such as web browsing, emailing, and office productivity. These are some of the most popular Apple Mac products, but the company also offers several other models in various categories to cater to the requirements of different users.
SocialBox.Biz, a UK-based non-profit organization, can accept and collect donations from various locations all across the UK, including but not limited to the following major towns: 1. London 2. Manchester 3. Birmingham 4. Liverpool 5. Leeds 6. Glasgow 7. Sheffield 8. Edinburgh 9. Bristol 10. Bradford, 11. Coventry, 12. Wakefied. SociaBox.Biz is committed to serving its beneficiaries and supporters by making donation collection easy and convenient.