London, UK – SocialBox.Biz, a trailblazing community interest initiative spreading digital exclusion awareness and laptop re-homing inspiration, announced a while ago their social impact initiative: Laptops for Older People launched in central London Borough of Camden.

The aim of this initiative to help older people who do not have a computer or laptop – helping socially and digitally excluded older people who are living in isolation and below the poverty line. 


2023 / 2024 updates: Deliveries on 10th Nov 2023

Upcoming donations announced for 2024 and beyond to help older people on low income unable to afford computers.

SocialBox.Biz Age UK Laptop Delivery in north London 10th November 2023.


Recent statistics show that more than 2 million adults over age 75 are living alone in the UK. Over half of this population says they go a month or longer without having communication with a neighbour, friend, or loved one. SocialBox.Biz is on a mission to improve the lives of older adults in the UK with a simple goal: to renew outdated technology and transform them into lifelines for those in need.

We partner with community initiatives such as Age UK London to ensure our tech gets into the hands of those who need it most. One of our upcoming tech deliveries will be to Age UK Islington, where the staff reports having a constant demand for digital devices from clients.

The team at Age UK Islington has put into place an application process for devices. Clients wishing to receive a device can complete this application to determine their eligibility. Then, when we make our delivery, eligible clients will receive a laptop.

Our technology comes from the community. Our partners collect and donate outdated but still usable technology, including laptops and other devices. Then, we wipe them clean and load them with open source software including tools for surfing the web and more.

Katie Skea, Communications Manager, AGE UK Islington:

Age UK Islington is grateful to SociaBox.Biz for the opportunity to provide clients  struggling to cope in an online world without digital devices, with a means of connection.  The devices can provide the opportunity to access information and to make applications for support or for more suitable housing.  Some clients who have been unable to get out have been given access to social connections through online activities and groups.  Other clients have been able to apply for jobs, and some even set-up small businesses.  It’s a labour-intensive process to source, upgrade with open source innovation and deliver these devices and it’s a service that we and those clients who have been able to benefit from the devices really appreciate.

Find out how you can make an impact in our community with our simple donations process. Connect with SocialBox.Biz today to learn more!

2020, 2021, 2022 updates

  • Case study update from Age UK Camden
  • FREE computer classes from SocialBox.Biz in London + FREE laptops for those “graduating”.  

April – August 2020 C-19 Pandemic updates on deliveries to AgeUKs  in London

The team at Age UK London commented:  “The current situation is shedding light on the need for people to be connected and informed through the internet and being online is a lifeline now more than ever.”

Name of Age UKs

Age UK Croydon,

Age UK Wandsworth,

Age UK Lewisham and Southwark,

Age UK Redbridge,

Barking and Havering,

Age UK Bexley,

Age UK East London,

Age UK City of London,

Age UK Waltham Forest,

Age UK Westminster,

Age UK Bromley and Greenwich,

Age UK Hammersmith and Fulham

Age UK Lambeth,

Age UK Westminster,

Age UK Camden,

Age UK Enfield,

Age UK Barnet ,

Age UK Sutton,

Age UK Kensington & Chelsea,

Age UK Croydon,

Age UK Merton,

Age UK Islington

Age UK Wandsworth – computer shed project


Age UK Wandsworth team:

” Desktops will be for the Men’s Shed.  As many tablets as you are able to spare, please. We are distributing these to isolated older people to use in their homes and training them how to do online supermarket shopping and use zoom to connect. We always have a waiting list of people who would like a device and training on it. ”

Case Studies received

SocialBox.Biz also hosts computer skills classes in London open to those who have received a computer via one of the initiatives and anyone else who needs basic computer skills. 

( April 2020 update – computer class is currently replaced with telephone call out support on Wednesdays )

Update from Age UK London on 5th June 2020 about SocialBox.Biz virtual computer class:

”Many thanks for sorting out the issue with the lady and her laptop.  She was so delighted to get a laptop as she could not afford to buy one herself.”

2021 Update

Age UK London story

”…it has taken a global pandemic to show what can happen when we don’t address the digital divide, but I’m probably more hopeful than ever that we can turn things around. We have had some great support from businesses and individuals, including the Mayor of London, as well as the CBI, who donated the latest batch of computers we delivered to Age UK London recently.”

Article written by Peter Paduh, founder of SocialBox.Biz.

September 2021 -Age UK Islington wrote: ”Thank you for the laptops – they are really appreciated, and I know that case studies are important.”  Please check again soon for additional case studies

If you would like to participate on an ongoing basis with but still usable technology from your office or support the SocialBox.Biz initiatives in other ways, please do get in touch with SocialBox.Biz today.


social box

The initiative will see older people gaining access to computers and training through the charity: Age UK London. Age UK London will ensure that the computers are given low income and housebound older people in their communities, with some computers kept at the day centres for older people to use there.

As a part of the project, businesses are encouraged to donate working but no longer needed laptops to which will be safely wiped, installed with software and some distributed to Age UK centres in the capital.

“These computers will give older people a chance to communicate with friends and family they’ve lost touch with,” said Age UK London Chief Executive Samantha Mauger. “This will make such a difference to the lives of many older people who find it hard to get out due to illness, disability or mobility problems, and find everyday tasks such as shopping and banking and even socializing difficult. Most of all, laptops will give older people the tools they need to research, read, and even work right from the comfort of their living rooms.”

Peter Paduh, Founder of SocialBox.Biz said: “We are collaborating with corporations, businesses, and organizations to provide laptops to disadvantaged people.” 

So many people are digitally excluded from the functioning world today.  There are thousands of older people over the age of 55 on low incomes who cannot afford to buy a computer for home use but who could benefit from having one just in central London.  Our goal is to collect as no longer need but still useful laptops as possible, and re-home them to the people who need them most.  We are always looking for more corporation and organization partnerships” added Peter. “

Many in our country need a working laptop right now. Spread the word about the initiative.


How it works ?


To register to receive a computer please contact one of the participating local Age UKs listed above.

If you are a businesses or an organisations with old but still useful computers  please complete this form:

April 2020

Ideas & Suggestions Email: IDEAS(at) 

Telephone: 0843 289 5722