Laptops for the Homeless and Disadvantaged Older People Initiative Enriching Lives

A SocialBox.Biz blog post update May 23 2020.

The current pandemic has changed the face of life as we know it, but circumstances have become very isolating for the elderly many of whom were already living in isolation and had difficulties getting around. Without access to technology and internet, elderly people have little to no connection with the world around them.

The Laptops for the Homeless and Vulnerable Initiative from SocialBox.Biz has been providing laptops for Age UKs, which offer these laptops to clients and their own staff in need to use to deliver much needed services.

According to a representative from Age UK Westminister, “Age UK Westminster has received a number of laptops, which is great. These have been put to great use as there is a huge demand within the borough. Thank you to Social Box for helping us meet this great need. Without their support, many of the older people would still remain isolated.”

The CEO at Age UK Croydon said, “We have already received a batch of laptops from SocialBox.Biz and they are being well used – one in particular is being used by an employee who is a single mum working at home with an 8 year old and no tech. This laptop has not only got her up and running work wise but also allows her daughter to access the internet when she is not using it for work – so a great result all round.”

Age UK Wandsworth said, “The laptops that we have received have supported 4 socially isolated men who were weekly visitors to our Men’s Shed prior to the pandemic. Since lockdown and the temporary closure of the Men’s Shed, they have not had the social contact that they were so used to. One of the reasons they visited the Shed was simply to have someone to talk to as they live alone, so now at least they can chat to one another through the laptops and talk about the DIY projects they are doing in the safety of their own homes.”

This partnership has forged changes in the lives of many, and we are looking forward to seeing how many more clients receive laptops this year.

To partner for donations with items from you office that are no longer needed but still useful, please contact the SocialBox.Biz team today!

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