The Passage Finding New Uses for Donated Laptops During C19

A SocialBox.Biz and The Passage Case Study blog post update May 22 2020.


Although The Passage has had to close their day centre during the pandemic, they are still providing for their clients. Local hotels are now homing The Passage’s clients, and The Passage staff are still offering food and more during this time.

The Passage receives donated laptops and other tech items from SocialBox.Biz, and according to their team, these items are making a major impact right now. For instance, some tablets are being used for video chats with loved ones. One laptop has been helping a staff member, who has been staying on-site full-time, stay entertained and content while also being engaged in their community initiatives.

Picture below taken prior to C19 restrictions

Some of the clients have received laptops to assist in job searching, and this idea has led The Passage to create an online job club where clients in hotels can go online to meet The Passage’s staff and also interact with each other. Local business volunteers are being invited to join, also.

While this unprecedented event has caused major disruptions to life as we know it, the Laptops for the Homeless Initiative continues to serve those who desperately need to stay connected with the world around them.

If you are a leader and an employee of a business or an organisation interested in becoming partner in the Laptops for Homeless and Vulnerable Initiative, please contact SocialBox.Biz team today to learn how simple it is to make a major impact on the community !

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