A SocialBox.Biz blog post update by Heather 25th July 2020.

The SocialBox.Biz Laptops for the Homeless Vulnerable Initiative has helped the homeless, refugee children, and older adults alike to stay connected with the world around them for years. Now, we are partnering with schools to give old no longer needed but still functioning tech a new life. As part of these partnerships, we’re also inspiring the next generation to step up and give back to the world around them.

UK school and college students are learning how these donations can make a major impact in the lives of people in their communities. At the same time, students are learning about reducing carbon emissions and meeting the objectives of the UK Climate Change Act.

By rehoming old but still useful tech via SocialBox.Biz platform, schools are helping reduce Scope 3 emissions and meet social contract obligations. Schools are leading by example and giving students a vision of how they can make a difference in the world around them.

SocialBox.Biz team received this case study from one of the older people charity partners.

Case Study below …

The ipads have been matched with older service users to enable them to connect with friends and family. This has been especially important during this difficult time when many older people are more isolated than usual. We have first talked to the service user over the phone to find out their interests and what they would like to be able to use the ipad for. We have then set them up so they are ‘ready to use’ on delivery. We hold a handover/training session at their home (in full PPE) and then follow up with telephone support as needed.

One older service user has been able to join a zoom meeting for the first time and have a virtual ‘coffee morning’ with friends. Another service user has been able to use iplayer to catch up on TV programmes she has wanted to watch! Another has been able to watch YouTube videos of their favourite singer, we even set her screensaver with an image of the singer, which was a nice surprise when she turned the device on!

additional case studies below…


In a time where digital exclusion is impacting more people than ever, schools are joining the Laptops for the Homeless Initiative to help bridge the gap. For example, St. Paul’s CE Primary School in the London Borough of Enfield is donating laptops they no longer need but that can still be used. These kinds of donations are going to older adults at Age UK Enfield and beyond, where older residents get to experience connections with the world around them via the laptops. With access to the internet, older adults can experience connections with loved ones while learning new things and enjoying entertainment.

Schools like St. Paul’s CE Primary School are working with SocialBox.Biz to give back to the community while also reducing emissions. If you’d like to learn more about joining the Laptops for the Homeless Initiative, contact SocialBox.Biz today.


Older adults in Enfield are getting laptops thanks to schools such as Enfield County School For Girls. The school stepped up to join the SocialBox.Biz Laptops for the Homeless Initiative, and through this partnership, the students and staff at Enfield County School For Girls and other schools and organisaitons have donated old no longer needed but still usable laptops loaded with open source software to those in need that can not afford any kind of computer. These donations are helping connect older adults on small pension, refugee children, the homeless and others in need with opportunities for communication, education, and social connection.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a state of isolation for many, which is even more severe for older adults who are typically more isolated on a normal basis. Through the partnership between Enfield County School For Girls and SocialBox.Biz, older adults at Age UK Enfield are getting back in touch with the world around them.

If you’d like to learn more about partnering with SocialBox.Biz, contact us today.

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