SocialBox.Biz Laptops for the Homeless Initiative – a blog post update by Heather July 24th 2020.

SocialBox.Biz has partnered with numerous community charities working to help disadvantaged youth get on their feet.

One of our partners, New Horizon Youth Centre, recently reached out to let us know what the Laptops for the Homeless Initiative has done for their clients.

Mohammed* had been studying a diploma in IT at college when the coronavirus pandemic meant that his course transferred to remote learning. We delivered a SocialBox.Biz laptop to Mohammed, meaning he was able to complete his assignments and pass the year at college, enabling him to enrol on the next year of his course. Mohammed is now planning to pursue his career dreams through a programme that empowers  and mentors young BAME individuals to enter the aviation industry.  “I’m delighted that I got a laptop to finish my assignment work with my college during this unprecedented time. I have quickly adapted to a remote way of study, but with spending a lot of time at home I have also been adopting technology to help aid my wellness and self-care routines.”

More examples below…

One young man is completing assignments as part of electrical engineering college courses with his laptops, as well as build a CV for prospective employers.

A young woman, who has been working remotely through the C19 lockdowns, has been using her laptop to take a media training course and engage with peers through Zoom.

Another young man is using his laptop to study for a CSCS card and is applying for a job.

These are just a few examples of clients who’ve benefited from the Laptops for the Homeless Initiative, and through New Horizon Youth Centre, we hope to benefit many, many more people.

If you’d like to learn how you can be a part of this growing initiative, please reach out to our team today.

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