The Prominent Investment Fund Puts Pressure on Boards About Climate Change

SocialBox.Biz – Laptops for the homeless and vulnerable initiative blog post update, 20 June 2019

According to July 19, 2020: “The prominent asset manager BlackRock is taking steps to hold corporate governance accountable for failing to address the risks associated with climate change. These steps will increase the pressure on boards to position environmental concerns for front and center strategic consideration. BlackRock is but one example of the increasing influence of third parties on how corporate governance addresses broader matters of social responsibility… “

London Financial Times (FT.COM) reported on July 14 2020: ” BlackRock punishes 53 companies over climate inaction… “

Forbes Article

FT article

Bloomberg also recently released guidelines for determining which companies are truly green

SocialBox.Biz locally focused initiatives can help remedy Scope 3 emission problems

SocialBox.Biz big picture small steps…

High profile commentators such as Larry Fink of Blackrock have spoken about the importance of social impact to investors. There’s a lot that can be done, and is being done, but sometimes simple ideas can make a massive change close to home.

Scope 3 emissions reduction is something we have been promoting for many years. Here’s how some of your no longer needed tech and other office items can supports social and digital inclusion., a digital inclusion and laptop donation platform, will redistribute the items through qualifying charity partners to make a difference to refugees, homeless and older people, via its rehoming platform. Our initiative is reducing scope 3 emissions for our clients because our our local focus and prolonging the life span of items.

Reusing locally via SocialBox.Biz community interest platform is a wonderful way to reduce emissions while helping others and after-all charity starts at home!

New causes are reaching out to SocialBox.Biz daily to enquire about available reused laptops for their clients in need of digital inclusion for those who can not afford any kind of computer and for those in isolation. Laptops for the Homeless Initiative needs your support, now more than ever.

Please contact SocialBox.Biz today!

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