Laptop Case study from The Passage – Homeless Teacher

Laptops for the Homeless initiative, an update from The Passage, 15 July 2020


BM has wide experience as a Support Teaching Assistant and as a Teacher and Adult Educator. Experiencing some health and emotional issues, she found herself out of work for a lengthy period of time. The long period out of work and being over 50 years of age. Has in itself acted as a barrier to finding employment as has the occasional re occurrence of her health issues.

BM is motivated, keeps up with the latest teaching and tuition developments, accesses on line training and has and will continue to volunteer for projects. BM has the opportunity to carry out voluntary work for the Access Project. The Access Project provides on line teaching and tuition for children and young people who through the Covid 19 Crisis have not been attending school.  The Access Project has put together the teaching and session plans and is able to adapt them to an on line format. These sessions will as and when the schools open, will be able to continue as additional support for students who need additional tuition and support with their GCSE English for example.

This volunteering while supporting others, will enable BM to get back into teaching, will give her experience of Digital  Tuition and will go some way to develop her ideas of building on her aspiration to develop further on line tuition as part of her self-employment, business ideas.

BM also states that these Access sessions could be made available to support the learning of clients who are homeless with all of the accompanying barriers and issues they face, with their education.

BM needs a lap top that has a working microphone and camera that can access Zoom and MS Teams to engage in volunteer work & look for long term employment.

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