Social Impact

Computer recycling London

The Box for doing good – with every company benefits from positive social return

We aim to make this service cost neutral to our clients who are contributing still useful items. We achieve this through our self sustaining Social Enterprise by selling some of it at low costs to small businesses and donating the rest. With every company benefits from positive social return.

Please contact us to arrange a collection or to receive your social impact box and start generating positive Social Impact.  As a social enterprise we provide unmatched social return which is several-fold higher than any possible residual value in disused equipment – making a lasting impact on society whilst solving corporate governance and social value problems.

UKit hardware recycling London

If you require data removal this can be arranged onsite site and offsite and with you can be reassured that your data will be secure from retrieval. For clients requiring data removal all data from equipment will be removed using tools that meet highest standards and certificates can be provided.

LondonComputer recycling London

If you need an inventory of your equipment, can assist in counting, labelling,  bar-coding and recording all equipment. If you would like for us to arrange refurbishment of your equipment for redeployment within your businesses we can project manage this for our client via our authorised service level partner.

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If you require recycling instead we provide boxes clearly labelled recycling on them if items are for recycling and not suitable for donating and creating social return.