SocialBox.Biz sets new Laptop Reuse Handover goal for 2030

SocialBox.Biz Laptops for Homeless | Blog Post by Alex | March 2020

As SocialBox.Biz finally closes in on one of the biggest milestones for their Laptops for Homeless Initiative to date this April 2020, with the 1000th laptop handover documented as part of their laptops for homeless support initiative pilot, the team has announced they have newer, bigger, and more aggressive goals in mind for 2030 to help homeless, refugees and older people on pension credit who can not afford any kind of computer with reused laptops.

As their processes and procedures for their donation handover digital inclusion platform developed over the last 5 years SocialBox.Biz now have the systems that can help thousands of disadvantaged people.

Of course, they can’t do it without your help. If you want to be part of history, be sure to reach out to their team today to solve your company’s impact problems with and reduce scope 3 emissions with ongoing participation .

“Many of our great business clients are already helping people and families in hardship by shifting their procurement and impact strategies  policies towards local social impact which can reduce digital exclusion among the most vulnerable in this country and we will be engaging with many more.” said the team at SocialBox.Biz.

At SocialBox.Biz, there are some common themes. For instance, donating locally benefits the community. In addition, donating locally reduces Scope 3 Emissions and boosts impact, all while helping to increase share price of companies who donate.

More and more companies are finding that their old and no longer need but still useful IT equipment can be donated to support the needs of local vulnerable people while also growing their links in the community via SocialBox.Biz initiative. Local donations have been proven to reduce carbon emissions while providing a greater impact on the lives of those in reception. SocialBox.Biz have been successful in this with the private sector businesses and are now inviting other sectors to join us in this social impact effort.

SocialBox.Biz wants to reuse and rehome thousands more reusable laptops to those in need and expand the initiative.

Bloomberg recently released guidelines for determining which companies are truly green. Some of these guidelines include looking for company goals, timeframes on those goals, and if companies are looking at emissions. For years, we’ve been focused on Scope 3 emissions as a local solution for prolonging the lifespan of old tech and helping those who have nothing. Donating old but still useful tech via locally focused SocialBox.Biz initiatives is a wonderful way to reduce emissions while helping others!


Working with accommodation services and charity partners which now also include older people in isolation, SocialBox.Biz is providing homeless, elderly, and young refugee individuals with the ability to give back, apply to jobs, and connect with lost friends and relatives.

SocialBox.Biz – 2024 update 

Companies can now solve their impact problems and reduce scope 3 emissions from old tech by sponsoring additional students, basic computer classes and tech labs for older people living on small pensions and refugees integrating into British society, please contact us to discuss further:


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