Latest case study update from the The Passage

The Passage charity blog post contribution, Laptops for Homeless, March 2020 update

1 case study below – 49 case studies to go!!!

PB became homeless in 2018, after he lost my flat because of bed financial decisions. PH roamed around the streets of Westminster for a long time and slept on the steps of a church in Marylebone. PB worked part-time for an agency and earned some money but not enough to secure his own flat. PB was approached by a street team volunteer and asked if they could help. After giving them his details PB was called referred to The Passage where he was invited to spend Xmas with Crisis. In January, after Crisis had closed, PB returned to The Passage & was referred by the Passage for a housing assessment  via St Mungo’s and soon after was asked to view a flat (where he now lives). PB says his life has changed since then, and he is actively pursuing a new job.

PB own words “ I can’t thank the people from The Passage/St Mungo’s enough for all they have done. I would love to use a laptop for my job-seeking, also to keep track of all my commitments while I’m waiting to go back to work and also to start a social life of keeping in touch with friends by Facebook. This would enable me to access the people I need to in order to keep everything in order. This is a great organization with a lot of dedicated, passionate people who change people’s lives”.

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