How Donating Your Business Products Locally Can Make MAJOR Impacts

by SocialBox.Biz A Community Interest Company, June 2019, LONDON, UK

Social Impact and Impact Investing: big picture, small steps…

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Laptop handover at The Passage 4 June 2019.

If you’ve considered your old office or even personal items, whether that’s clothing or tech, you might want to reconsider. Re-homing your goods on a local scale can have major impacts on many levels. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the ways in which directly giving your business goods to those in need can impact your local economy – and even the sustainability of your own business.

Here at Social Box Biz, we have seen these amazing benefits firsthand time and time again. We have been proud to connect refugees, homeless youth, and even the elderly with rehomed tech products. This allows them to essentially become a part of society again. While many think the benefits stop there, the truth is that by simply donating tech products, companies are seeing a major impact on their own organizations.

Donating your goods on an ongoing basis locally is a great way to demonstrate strong local social impact.

More and more companies are communicating messages about their social impact for the public to see, as this information has become something that many investors and customers are interested in knowing.

The environmental impact of donating locally is clear, as it can actually help reduce carbon emissions. The ET Carbon Ranking Series is commonly referred to for their Scope 3 value chain emissions, and these numbers are publicly tracked for consumers and investors alike. This shows the overwhelming interest expressed in sustainability in the business realm with consumers and investors are demanding a change.

When we turn to the social impact of donating business goods, the fruits are remarkable. When you donate your business gadgets locally, you are giving directly to a cause that is helping others succeed. This, in turn, has a positive impact on the local economy by bringing more workers into the workforce. As a plus, you’re also building lasting relationships with other businesses and charities, and as we all know, relationships are crucial for lasting business success.

Let’s take a closer look, though. When we turn to Regus, we see a powerful international company that offers co-working space, services offices, meeting rooms, and more to its clients. Clients at Regus include startups, small businesses, and professionals. By partnering with Regus, we are creating an amazing chain of benefits. Right now, Regus is offering donation points at more than 100 locations where clients can turn over their old tech. These items include old cell phones, servers, consoles, laptops and even business clothing that can be worn to interviews.

We work with a number of charities, and through many of those partnerships, we specialize in connecting people with laptops. These laptops are used to help people find new careers, learn new job skills, and pursue education.

Another one of our recent partnerships included major UK insurer and financial services provider Aviva PLC. Their team recognized the power in our mission and chose to come aboard to help transform the lives of disadvantaged youth.

As part of our partnership initiative for our “Laptops for the Homeless Initiative” is a collaboration with Legal & General. We are now receiving all of the organization’s donated equipment. “I believe that business is more than just profit; it’s also about impact,” said Nigel Wilson, CEO of Legal & General. “Therefore, we are thrilled to be doing something meaningful with our old, no-longer-needed, but still useful infrastructure. It’s no secret we have a homeless problem here in Britain today. All we need to do is exhibit some compassion as a society.”

Doing business is always changing, but we are certainly living in a time where companies are looking to be more socially conscious. There are a number of ways this can be achieved, but we are definitely seeing more organizations offer contributions and social initiatives. With so many partners signing up to help the Social Box Biz mission, we definitely believe this trend is here to stay. If you’ve ever wondered how you can give back and create a more sustainable culture within your company, there’s no doubt about it: donating your tech will leave an amazing legacy!

”This is clearly a win-win for society and the environment.”

”I think the biggest benefit is being able to help others to ensure that they don’t get left behind in this digital age where everything is moving online. From a long term business point-of-view, as a web development company it can only be to our advantage if more people have access to tech products that they might otherwise have gone without if we hadn’t donated. ” Said Tim Collingwood, Director, Oxford Web Applications who are participating in the SocialBox.Biz initiative – Laptops for Homeless and Vulnerable populations on a continuous basis.

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