SocialBox.Biz and Centrepoint Initiative Deepens Roots in the Community

A SocialBox.Biz Case Study update by Heather Howkins (May 2019)

Since January 2018, Natal has been in semi-permanent housing. Now, he is going through ESOL Entry 2 at a North London college for five days per week. When he arrived, he had no laptop, but not that he has one, Natal is doing extra coursework, connecting to social media, browsing the web, watching YouTube, and sharpening his speaking skills.

This is the story of a Centrepoint client who benefited from a laptop from Social Box Biz. One simple donation has changed this man’s life.

That’s the mission here at Social Box Biz. We are committed to helping people like Natal get back on their feet by connecting with educational opportunities beyond what they currently have.

Sultan, another young homeless unaccompanied refugee on his joinery to getting his life back on track benefited from the partnership between Centrepoint and SocialBox.Biz “My laptop will help me find all the apprenticeships I want,” said Sultan. “This can help me be more independent in this country because everything is online.”

The partnership between SocialBox Biz and Centrepoint continues to grow strong, and we look forward to helping countless others. If your organization would be interested in joining these cause, please contact us today!

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