CSR, ESG, and Impact Investing: big picture, small steps…

SocialBox.Biz – The box for doing good. (May 2019).

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SocialBox.biz, Socialbox, Social Box, Environmental Social Governance ( ESG ). Items include no longer needed but still useful laptops, old mobile phones, IT equipment (like servers and consoles), computer game gadgets, second-hand business clothing and shoes that could be worn to job interviews…

High profile commentators such as Larry Fink of Blackrock have spoken about the importance of social impact to investors. There’s a lot that can be done, and is being done, but sometimes simple ideas can make a massive change close to home.

Here’s how some of your no longer needed but still useful items can supports social and digital inclusion.

SocialBox.biz, a digital inclusion and laptop donation platform, will redistribute the items through qualifying charity partners to make a difference to refugees, homeless and older people, via its rehoming platform.

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