SocialBox.Biz: promoting the importance of supply chains that are compliant with Green and Sustainability policies

Social_Investment_index_carbon_IndexA  blog post by Alex (17th May 2017)

Our focus here at SocialBox.Biz is engaging with companies that have a complete supply chain focused on Green and Socially responsible policies. By helping firms to build up their environmental social governance profiles we want to promote companies that work towards the best possible solutions for the environment and social communities, which is why we’re passionate about spreading awareness on Green-related supply chains and what they do for corporations.

Today we spoke with the Chief Operating Officer at the ET Index Research who provides investors with corporate carbon emissions data, portfolio carbon analytics in-line with FSB Task Force Recommendations, as well as low carbon and fossil free low carbon indexes.


Ravi Patel, COO at ET Index Research said: ”I’m sure the UK companies you go after will be interested in reading about the data points you have on them. It would make a good post on why companies should work with”

”Companies who choose not to release their Scope 3 emissions, those that primary come from the company’s supply chain, receive the lowest score in their sector on our rating index” added Ravi


Why is this important?

Scope 3 reporting provides consumers and investors with information regarding a company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental policies. These ratings also help the companies themselves to compare their score with competitors and work towards less energy and resource risks in their respective supply chains. They can then identify energy efficiency and cost reduction opportunities as it relates to their supply chains, engage suppliers, promote their sustainable efforts, and work to create a better system all around.

Level 3 emissions include:

Transportation and distribution (up- and downstream), purchased goods and services, waste disposal, business travel, employee commuting, transportation, investments, leased assets, and more.

Here at SocialBox.Biz, we want to reward these types of top scoring companies with exposure and support. It’s so important today that we make an effort to invest in the companies that care about their social and environmental responsibility. With the ET Index Research, we’re one step of the way there.


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