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A blog post by Alex (10th May 2017)

buy_socialA new initiative to encourage socially conscious consumption

Social Enterprise UK, a heavily involved socially constructed organisation that stresses the importance of communal involvement in UK business today, this week launched their Buy Social Corporate Challenge, an initiative designed to inspire big corporations to source supply chain materials and services from socially conscious business ventures.

As a social business venture ourselves, dedicated to facilitating working laptop handovers to the marginalised members of our society who need them most, we are pleased to see such programmes being launched.

“The Buy Social Corporate Challenge is about encouraging businesses to do more through their supply chains, but also to inspire social enterprises to develop their products and services to grow their impact. I’m delighted to see SocialBox.Biz rising to meet this challenge and am sure they will bring real value to their clients” Said Charlie Wigglesworth, Director of Business & Enterprise, Social Enterprise UK

Since studies have shown that corporations with more diverse supply chains actually witness higher yields with a happier workforce, it’s a win-win opportunity for these big businesses to work with the smaller, more conscious ventures that are passionate about social change through collaboration.

We are incredibly excited to get to work, providing our services to the big corporations turning their attentions to the power of social change.


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