Do companies with more social impact have better quality products ?

What if you knew it was possible to make a meaningful impact in the lives of thousands by partnering up with a corporation’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) movement in 2017? You would surely collaborate and bring in the requested products or materials to know you were part of something bigger. Businesses pursue CSR for an increased public trust and therefore accelerated consumerism down the line. If only more people knew this, more people would opt to assist in the advancement of a corporation’s CSR.

Consumers think so…

A recent study released by the University of McGill in Montreal confirmed that CSR does indeed translate into an increase in the stock value of a company. Essentially, a company with a better social impact, in the eyes of consumers, has more desirable products than those without. This is a finding everyone should share far and wide in the New Year for providing both consumers and businesses with an avenue to collaborate on helping those in need.recycled_corporate_laptops_economy_london

The New Year is upon us, and that means it’s time to reflect on 2016, our New Year’s Resolutions, and what we hope to improve upon in 2017. There are many things as a society we can do better in the New Year, and that starts with more effective recycling of everything, not just food containers and cardboard boxes.

We’re all guilty of getting rid of our outdated iPhones, iPads, FitBits and more when the newer version comes out. It’s part of the capitalistic cycle we all know and cherish. But, it’s incredibly important that as a society, we make a commitment to donating, not chucking, our outdated laptops.

Here are 5 reasons why you should care:

1. It’s good for the environment

Donating electronics is better for the environment than throwing away any piece of plastic or cardboard cutouts. Electronics are the most harmful product you can place in a landfill, completely incapable of ever decomposing. While they do try to “decompose,” they release toxic chemicals into the earth’s crust, making the land unusable in the future for living and growing food.

 2. It preserves rare elements

Most of the planets rare and precious elements come from environmentally rich regions like rain-forests. By donating laptops instead of throwing them out, it prevents the invasive need to go into these special ecological areas and drill for more rare elements and metals. 

3. It helps those in need

Donating anything is good for individuals, like the homeless and elderly, who don’t have the means to get themselves the items they need. Laptops are the portal to the digital world, especially for individuals trying to get back on track with a career and job. By granting them access to making a resume and searching for jobs, they can climb out of the unemployment cycle.

4. It boosts local economies

To segue off of the previous point, when unemployed and homeless individuals are provided with a path to employment, their addition to the workforce creates economic ripples felt throughout an entire community. These people are now able to contribute to GDP, provide goods and service, and spend their disposable income on other goods and services.

5. It’s good for society

It is incredibly beneficial for a society as a whole when disadvantaged individuals are able to rejoin society while also preserving the environment. Donating laptops not only helps those in need, it also keeps our earth pristine and healthy. It’s a win-win-win for everyone involved.

Ready to go donate those outdated electronics? It’s a perfect start for the New Year.


SocialBox.Biz’s Laptops for the Homeless Initiative works with the homeless in accommodation services for getting them back on track through digital inclusion. SocialBox.Biz delivers working laptops to the individuals registered with homelessness services for providing them access to the working world. In return, participating corporations and businesses witness incredible Corporate Social Responsibility increases.

To donate laptops from your office or host a laptop donation collection box at your office contact us today:

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