Do companies with more social impact have better quality products?

Consumers think so…

A recent study released by the University of McGill in Montreal confirmed that CSR programs do indeed translate into increases in corporate stock values. In the eyes of consumers, a company with  better social impact has more desirable products than those without.


Although some CSR programs require months, or even years, of in-depth planning to implement, corporations can act more socially responsible with just a few simple adjustments to their normal operations. A huge opportunity for social responsibility lies in your organisations recycling and waste disposal systems. An obvious way to promote recycling is by placing bins for recyclable food containers in your employee lunch room, or bins outside for cardboard boxes, but what about your firms outdated technology?

When you switch over to new equipment such as laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones, fitness trackers, and other electronics, your first instinct may be to throw away your old technology. Here are five reasons you should donate these items instead:

1. Its good for the environment

Donating electronics is better for the environment than throwing them away. Electronics are the most harmful products thrown into landfills, as they are completely incapable of decomposing. Instead, they release toxic chemicals into the earths crust, making the land unusable for future plant life.

2. It preserves rare elements

Most of the planets rare and precious elements come from environmentally rich regions like rain forests, and these elements are a limited resource which will not be available forever. By donating old electronics, you prevent the invasive need to go into these special ecological areas and drill for more rare elements and metals.

3. It helps those in need

Donating unneeded items allows you to support individuals in need, such as the homeless and elderly, who dont have the means to get what they need on their own. Laptops are the portal to the digital world, especially for individuals trying to get back on track with a career or with their communities. Refurbished computers give these people the chance to make a resume and search for jobs as they climb out of the unemployment cycle.

4. It boosts local economies

When unemployed and homeless individuals are provided with a path to employment, their addition to the workforce creates economic ripples felt throughout the entire community. These people are now able to contribute to GDP, provide goods and services to the marketplace, and spend their disposable income on other goods and services.

5. Its good for society

Our society as a whole benefits when disadvantaged individuals are able to rejoin the community while also preserving the environment. Donating laptops not only helps those in needit also keeps our earth pristine and healthy. Its a win-win-win for everyone involved.

Ready to go donate those outdated electronics?


SocialBox.Bizs Laptops for the Homeless Initiative works with the homeless in accommodation services for getting them back on track through digital inclusion. SocialBox.Biz delivers working laptops to the individuals registered with homelessness services for providing them access to the working world. In return, participating corporations and businesses witness incredible Corporate Social Responsibility increases, positive press attention, and sales growth with thankful consumers.

To donate laptops from your office or host a laptop donation collection box at your office contact us today:

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