London, England – SocialBox.Biz, an award winning technological social enterprise dedicated to partnering with local business and corporations in pursuit of disused laptops for those in need, continues to operate as an invaluable source of PR exposure for all partnered corporations and organisations.

Cognisant of the fact that it’s impossible to get their platform message out there without steady public relations exposure and press release drafts, SocialBox.Biz has a press release, article, and sometimes blog drafted every time a business or charity partners with their platform.

“We’ve been so serious for PR for so long that we’ve graced the Guardian, the Huffington Post, Bloomberg, Yahoo Tech News, and the list goes on,” said , Samuel Sonu, spokesperson at SocialBox.Biz. “We want to gift our partners with something that will help them in turn and encourage even more donations and partnerships. Positive press exposure is a great way to do that.”

SocialBox.Biz has a steady stream of articles, blogs, and press releases developed, edited, and sent out every single week. The team take the time to manually upload the pieces to the website, in addition to submitting them to some of the world’s most esteemed publications. The result has been an expanded visibility for both SocialBox.Biz, and the entities that choose to help further their social mission.

“When a corporation agrees to donate us outdated laptops, we couldn’t be happier – which is why we want to gift them with something that will help their business base and future expansions,” said Samuel. “A great way to do that is through incredibly positive press exposure that will improve their corporate social responsibility tenfold.”

SocialBox.Biz partners with businesses, corporations, charity organisations, and individuals that are serious about helping the homeless and elderly in accommodation services.

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