SocialBox.Biz and Housing Justice Partner for ‘Move On’ Training to Help Homeless Clients Get Back on their Feet – Case Study

A SocialBox.Biz Case Study update by Heather, 31 July 2020

SocialBox.Biz recently partnered with Housing Justice for a 2-day ‘Move On’ training designed to help homeless clients get back on their feet. 36 clients all received laptops through the SocialBox.Biz Laptops for the Homeless Initiative to learn about various aspects of well-being. The laptops offered clients the knowledge and tools needed to steer away from homeless. For instance, they were able to pay bills, listen to music, find jobs, watch movies, and keep in touch with loved ones.

“Working with Peter, Gio, Ian and everyone from SocialBox.Biz was amazing, and it’s essential to provide digital inclusion as part of sustainable move on support. We are extremely grateful to SocialBox.Biz for donating 36 laptops,” said the team at Housing Justice.

One client, Brent, said, “I learned about the legal documents a landlord needs to provide for private renting. I like to be able to refresh my mind with tenant’s rights. I also learned what 6 things a landlord should provide before entering a property.”

If you’d like to partner with the Laptops for the Homeless and Vulnerable Initiative with your old but still useful office tech or to partner for a social outreach program, please contact SocialBox.Biz team today!

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