A SocialBox.Biz Blog post update by Heather, 1st August 2020.

In a new report from CBI entitled ‘Valued Partnerships’, the use of social value in contracts with the government was explored.

According to the CBI newsletter of Jul 27, 2020:

Building on the CBI’s work on how we can build back better, on Friday the CBI published a report, Valued Partnerships, which showed that there is widespread agreement between business, charities and the public sector on the importance of embedding social value in central and local government contracts. However, the report argues that progress is being hamstrung by complexity and confusion around how it is being applied. Reducing complexity and increasing consistency in how social value is measured across the UK’s regions and nations will boost competition, allowing businesses of all sizes to compete. With a new social value model expected from central government later this month, the CBI argues there is no better time to be driving the social value agenda forward at speed.

SocialBox.Biz team read the report with great enthusiasm and we are fully supportive of the recommendations that clearly show how the role of social value can be strengthened. Here at SocialBox.Biz, this is important because we see the full picture of how businesses and the government could better work together to yield better social benefits.

These partnerships can help make initiatives such as the SocialBox.Biz Laptops for the Homeless Initiative even more successful. 

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