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A Socialbox.biz blog post update by Alex (31st July 2017)

Social Enterprise Socialbox.biz launches donation thermometer for measuring laptop donation goals

Constantly working to develop new ways to encourage British companies, business owners, and individuals to donate their outdated laptops and accompanying accessories today, Socialbox.biz this week announced a new exciting campaign idea for getting communities involved. Set to host their own donation thermometer for laptop donations towards their homeless support projects in partnership with the charity Thames Reach, the social enterprise will now be able to visually demonstrate where they are with regards to their total donation goal.

Just having crossed the 100-laptop donation mark, the socially focused firm is working towards the goal of 1,000 donated laptops by 2020.


“Encouragement and support are two necessary components of making our charity-based idea a reality,” said Peter Paduh, Founder of Socialbox.biz. “By making our goal a visual display we can view and work to improve, we’re hoping it will motivate our team and all of our incredible donors to get serious about donating outdated laptops.”

Socialbox.biz works with local charities, universities, corporations, and business owners to strike up laptop donation partnerships. Since many of these entities end up with thousands of laptops being replaced by newer models, Socialbox.biz wants to create a funnel for donating the laptops when they become no longer in use but are still very needed by disadvantaged members of local community.

Having passed their 100-donor mark, Socialbox.biz is excited for what the next 3-years will bring with regards to their 1,000 laptop goal.

200 Laptop Update (April 2018)

Now that weve entered Quarter 2 of 2018, we wanted to share an update about our progress in our Laptops for Homeless initiative! We have officially reached our 200 laptop milestone, reaching the 20% mark in our goal toward donating 1,000 laptops to homeless individuals in the UK by the year 2020.

Were more confident than ever that well be able to use the Laptops for Homeless initiative to help 1,000 homeless individuals find long-term employment and housing. Recent news regarding the movement toward more mission-led businesses has been exciting to follow. Additionally, we have a new partnership with Regus Office Solutions

local office centers which contain businesses who can now make donations to our cause directly through their management office. Were also looking forward to forming donor relationships with businesses in the Canary Wharf area !

If your company is looking for more efficient technology solutions or help in developing a more comprehensive corporate governance plan, please send us a message!


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