The SocialBox.Biz Guide to releasing old, yet still useful laptops from offices to those that need them the most

By Peter Paduh,  Founder & Chairman, 3 August 2020.

For many years, SociaBox.Biz has been helping those who can not afford any kind of computer. This phenomenon has become known as Digital Inclusion.

Don’t Recycle

We often hear that organisations are already recycling. But, recycling is not always the best option.

The Guide

– SocialBox.Biz initiative Laptops for Homeless and Vulnerable is a better option than recycling all of the old tech. It’s more in-line with objectives to help local people and reduce emissions since items are being reused locally in London and the UK.

– SocialBox.Biz performs on-site data removal using software for which we have purchased a license that supports over 20 security standards used by top names.

– It also helps the council discharge its social obligation because we are helping those who can not afford any kind of computer.

– There is no obligation to send items that are still useful for recycling. In fact, the obligation would be to maximize the social impact and reduce the amount of energy burned in the recycling process.

– We have a recycling contact!

– We love old computers because we use open source software that can be installed on older hardware.

– Please instruct the IT team to separate old, yet still functioning items and contact us to place an ongoing process today. Let’s make the world a better place one laptop at a time.

Be a Doer Today !!! Come out of C19 a Doer 🙂

Yours, Peter

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