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A SocialBox.Biz blog post update 21st August 2020

We are grateful to great PR agencies that are already answering the PRCA Appeal and supporting our initiative.


For the homeless, refugees, and the elderly in the UK, digital exclusion is a reality. Without access to laptops and other internet-connected devices, the disadvantaged are left without access to numerous opportunities, including communicating with their loved ones, obtaining jobs, and reaching educational goals.  

The SocialBox.Biz Laptops for the Homeless, refugees and older people in isolation initiative has been working diligently, and continues to do so throughout the C-19 crisis, to help provide laptops for those in need. This is accomplished through donations of unused and no longer needed but still functional tech from partners.

For instance, the team at Kindred recently donated a large number of unused laptops to the cause. “As an agency whose ethos is about positive change, we would like to support this SociaBox.Biz initiative with our surplus but usable IT hardware we are keen to donate,” Kindred team wrote to SocialBox.Biz.

Kindred is a unique PR agency working with select clients whose brands are focused on positive change.

SocialBox.Biz thanks Kindred for their generous donation. The laptops have been loaded with open source software and given to partner charities for distribution to their clients.

The team at SocialBox.Biz is currently seeking other partners who might be able to donate large volumes of laptops. These laptops should still be in functioning order. In addition to laptops, SocialBox.Biz is able to accept other technology. For instance, donations has benefited a number of local Age UK London sites.

This is something that the team at SocialBox.Biz have been doing for years and just during the C-19 crises hundreds of people received much needed rehomed technology via SocialBox.Biz platform thanks to our great businesses partners.


SocialBox.Biz is a Community Interest Company (CIC) improving the local community by providing innovative technology solutions.

SocialBox.Biz launched in 2014 to take unused and outdated laptops and other no longer needed but still usable technology from businesses, organisations, and other agencies and wipe them clean before upgrading and donating them to those in need. Today, the company is working towards larger donation milestones. In order to ensure all reused laptops are used to their fullest, SocialBox.Biz works with accommodation services and charities that monitor usage of the electronics.



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