Helping local councils and organisations meet social obligations.

A SocialBox.Biz blog post 16th September 2020

The team at SocialBox.Biz is working diligently to bridge the gap that rests between the disadvataged and digital means. This staggering trend, called digital exclusion, means that the homeless, underprivileged youth, refugees, asylum seekers and pensioners living on pension credit aren’t typically able to use the internet and devices to get jobs, obtain educational opportunities, and stay in touch with loved ones as most of us do. To that extent, we have created the Laptops for Homeless Initiative, which collects old but still functioning technology and upcycles it for those in need.

Through this initiative, we’ve forged relationships with organisations in the area who also have a unique position: you want to give back, but you are also looking ahead to fulfill the obligations in areas such as the Climate Change Act and Social Value Act.

Our team is now offering consultancy to help you in these areas and more.

– Our consulting services can be helpful in setting up shop in local areas, and we are also able to provide a license to use the SocialBox.Biz trademark, processes, marketing, and training for a small annual fee. This will allow you to take advantage of a proven system for success without having to do the leg work.

If you are ready to learn how SocialBox.Biz consultancy can help your organisation, reach out to our team today! Info ( at ) SocialBox.Biz

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