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London, the UK – SocialBox.Biz, a London-based technology social impact venture that harnesses the benefits of cloud solutions, donated technology, and cybersecurity for bettering the lives of thousands across the United Kingdom, this week excitedly announced they have officially reached their 150 donated laptop milestone towards their own Laptops for Homeless Support Initiative;


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SocialBox.Biz launched a Laptops for the Homeless Support Initiative to get the ball rolling in regards to laptop donations.  Millions of still functioning laptops are replaced in the UK every single year. SocialBox.Biz works to collect these laptops, they arrange for them to be wiped them clean, refurbished and re-homed to those in need.

The homeless already in their accommodation services and receiving training and mentoring are then presented with a concrete way to access Internet and apply for employment opportunities.

With local British agencies reporting increased homelessness they proposed a way to help the homeless while also improving Corporate Social Responsibility for partnering organisations.

“It has been an absolute joy administering this program, and we are incredibly pleased to have hit our 150 laptop handover milestone,” said Peter Paduh, Founder of SocialBox.Biz. “That’s 150 lives changed for the better, now able to connect with family, friends, and pursue a sustainable career. It’s nothing but beneficial for everyone involved, including our local and national economy.”

Set on continuing their social justice mission, SocialBox.Biz said they plan to continue the initiative, hoping to ring in their 1,000-laptop milestone by the year 2020.

1000 laptops milestone to support homeless and disadvantaged people

To do so, the venture is busy working to connect with corporations that replace their laptops and computers every year. By partnering with SocialBox.Biz, they’ll be able to donate electronics and improve their CSR. Improved CSR then increases their stock value, and as a result, their overall profitability and favourbility in the eyes of the public.

To do this, SocialBox.Biz is constantly looking to get their groundbreaking message out there.

“We’re asking everyone to help us spread the word on our initiative,” said Peter. “It takes a community to get our platform out there, and we want to help as many homeless as possible in upcoming years. We thank our participating charities for helping with our handovers, and look forward to many more years of constructive social support in the greater United Kingdom.”

To participate please contact us today


For more information, or to stay updated on SocialBox.Biz’s impact on social impact projects, visit: www.socialbox.biz

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