Laptops for Vulnerable Families in central London

A blog post update by Jenni (June 2018) New cooperation partners announced We’re excited to announce new partnerships with several central London organisations, including the Paddington Charities,  and Charing Cross Library. These new relationships will allow us to serve even more individuals and families who desperately need digital inclusion through our initiatives. Paddington Charities … Continue reading Laptops for Vulnerable Families in central London

CIO Leader features Laptops for Homeless support initiative

The CIO Leader, a UK website for business focused technology leaders, and other recommended reading for CIOs Laptops for Homeless People Support Initiative Click on the image below to enlarge the feature.

How cloud storage saves charities time and money

Cloud storage and cloud computing are the hottest business data collection and collaboration tools on the market today. Entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, and charities are turning their attention to a cyber-based storage system that saves them physical purchases and disorganized integration into their company’s resources and information. Charities, in particular, are saving valuable time and … Continue reading How cloud storage saves charities time and money

Beneficial Information About Digital Inclusion

As digital split and digital literacy have entered into deliberations by policy makers – the term Digital Inclusion is still rather new. Importantly, “digital inclusion” has been articulated specifically to address opportunity, access, awareness, and skill. Discussion around the digital split tends to spotlight on the access accessible to individuals, Digital Inclusion is about the need of … Continue reading Beneficial Information About Digital Inclusion

The Benefits of using Cloud storage

Cloud storage is the future at a very practical price. From synchronizing a few folders over numerous computers to the complete accounts and back ups of complete computer hard drive, there is a cloud files storage alternative to meet all needs. For more visit this example below by clicking on the link provided:  

A new paradigm for computing prides itself on being the solution for corporate and community needs by providing a win-win-win solution where firms are reducing costs of storage. Moving some of their processes and data to the cloud, boosting their CSR, and having an overall positive impact on community and society through re-homing older computers and other office equipment they … Continue reading A new paradigm for computing

Paper-full office ?

Do you remember that many years ago people had a vision of the paperless office? So, how paperless is your office? Is your desk clear of paper? Are your filing cabinets empty? If so, you do not need us! On the other hand, if you are overflowing with paper then read on. provides a … Continue reading Paper-full office ?