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A blog post update by Jenni (June 2018)

This week, our team had the pleasure of supporting and attending the launch of Preventing Digital Exclusion from Online Justice at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer. This new Working Party report has been launched by JUSTICE (, a UK-based all-party law reform and human rights organization working to strengthen the justice system for a fair, accessible and efficient legal process in which the individual’s rights are protected. The issue of digital exclusion is becoming increasingly more relevant and problematic as more industries become digitised, and the judicial system is just one more area which has been added to the digital realm.

Based on the topic of digital exclusion for large groups of people living without access to technology today, the report focuses on reforms in England and Wales to make digital involvement easier for marginalised parties. The Working Party looked at various groups in high risk of digital exclusion for modernised justice systems, and consulted with SocialBox.Biz to discuss new solutions.

Currently, the UK government is working to modernise the judicial system by digitising all civil money claims by the year 2020. Many functions of the justice system are already performed completely online, including traffic offences and certain civil proceedings. Although these digital improvements are beneficial for our society, they only serve to further highlight the importance of digital inclusion for all members of our community.

Lord Justice Briggs’ final Civil Courts Structure Review report emphasised that ensuring access to justice was one of the biggest concerns about digitisation of court processes. The White Paper estimates that 70% of the UK population can be “digital with assistance” and/or “digitally excluded,” meaning they will need support to engage in proceedings online. JUSTICE has been at the forefront of innovation around use of our courts and tribunals.

We need your help to support the mission of JUSTICE and other charity organisations who help serve the rights of UK’s digitally excluded population. Without access to computers and training in how to use the internet, individuals lack the means to defend themselves against injustice, search for jobs and practice computer skills needed for work, stay connected with their communities, and study to further their education. Here’s how you can help:

1. Contribute your unneeded and outdated but still useful and working electronic devices. You can drop off old laptops, computers, tablets, phones, gaming consoles, and other gadgets with one of our charity collection partners.

2. Introduce us to your company’s leadership team. Shareholders, investment firms, governmental agencies, and consumers are increasingly expecting the business community to implement sustainable Social Responsibility measures, and we can help your company meet and exceed these expectations. One easy way for businesses to contribute to social issues is through gadget rehoming programs, and by hosting a donation bin at their location.

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Justice have also launched a thunderclap campaign that will spread the word of the Digital Exclusion report. Please click on the link and share the message through twitter or facebook and help us reach of 100 signups by June 19 2018:

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