Get to know 3 individuals we support at C4WS Homeless Project

A blog post update by Jenni (June 2018)

Were excited to share some updates on how we have been able to support one of our newest charity partners, C4WSHomelessProject.

We have changed the names of these laptop beneficiaries to protect their privacy.


Mohammed is a 22 year old refugee from Eritrea, an East African country currently experiencing social and political turmoil. Mohammed is just one of an estimated 474,300 Eritreans to have fled his country, and he left after seeing his family killed following religious and political persecution. After reaching the UK, he was referred to the C4WS winter night shelter, where he was able to secure a space in a supported housing project in Kings Cross. He then worked through the Jobs Club to enroll at college and begin learning carpentry.

After 18 months in his college program, Mohammed has successfully finished his studies and secured an apprenticeship where he can continue honing his craft. Until now, Mohammed has not had the luxury of owning a computer which he could use to stay connected with his community in the UK and back home in Eritrea. Hes thankful for the new opportunities afforded by his refurbished laptop from the program, not only because of this social aspect, but also because he can use the laptop at his apprenticeship.


Andy is a 21 year old Brit who was forced out of his family home amidst an issue with violence. He came to C4WS in 2017, and was able to work through the Jobs Club to secure a stable job. Through his diligent work, he has recently been able to earn enough income to move into a privately rented home.

Andy is now working on the C4WS Steering Group with other former guests who collaborate to improve and grow the organisations services. The laptop he received from allows him to communicate with the other Steering Group members. Andy also uses his new laptop to work on setting up his own online business so we can continue developing long term financial security.


Gustav is a 20 year old refugee who came to C4WS as an asylum seeker after fleeing his home nation of Ghana. He found support through C4WS to gain refugee status and move into a hostel for young adults. Recently, Gustav completed his Access course, and will begin studying the field of engineering in September.

In the past, Gustav has had to rely on the availability of shared computers at his college or local library to complete his coursework and stay connected with friends and family. His new laptop from will allow him much more flexibility to study when and where he is available. He is also looking forward to using his laptop to search for new shared housing opportunities so he can move out of his hostel.

Support our efforts!

You and your corporation can change the world for people in need like Mohammed, Andy, and Gustav. We have set up collection sites all over London where you can donate your used but still working, unneeded technology, such as laptops, computers, servers, mobile devices, and other equipment.

Your company can also support our efforts by setting up a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in which duplicate and other unneeded IT equipment can be donated to our social enterprise.

Please contact us for further information about setting up one of these programs at your place of work.

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