SocialBox.Biz Laptop Rehoming Program aims to Expand Distribution to Disadvantaged Populations Across the UK – additional large organisations urged to support the laptop collection drive

A blog post update by Jenni (July 2018)

Initiatives that build up Environmental Social Governance (ESG) profiles

This week, we shared some great news about how our laptop rehoming initiatives are improving our local communities through a press release which reached over 2 million readers. Were excited to have our efforts recognised by community leaders, and this recognition has led to many other causes asking to join our platform.

You may know serves causes around the United Kingdom which spread digital inclusion to vulnerable populations, such as young disadvantaged people in the care system, older people living in isolation, young unaccompanied refugees, the homeless, and others who need help. However, our outreach doesnt end when we distribute re-used computers to these individualswe also provide free pop-up classes which train the new owners on how to use free open source software.

These programs allow users to communicate with friends, family, and potential employers, research information for their educational courses and job searches, and practice computer skills required by their future jobs.

Business Insider article:

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