Case Study from Simon Community Scotland

A blog post update by Jenni (February 2019)

We love sharing stories of some of the vulnerable people you have supported with your old lap tops !

Recently, Linda Clark, the Corporate Services Manager at Simon Community Scotland, let us know one of her 19 year old clients was given a re-used laptop, and has already seen an impact in his daily life thanks to this resource.

Linda told us, “The young gentleman has been homeless since November 2015, and he has resided in one of our homeless units here since April. He became homeless due to difficulties managing his disperse (temporary accommodation) flat. Since receiving a laptop, He has developed his living skills and is working towards his own tenancy” in a more permanent housing situation.

When this client first entered Simon’s services a few months ago, he had lost his phone and had been completely unable to get in touch with anyone. Now, he is able to use his laptop to send messages through social media and email, and he really appreciates the ability to search for jobs from his own room without having to travel to the job centre. In his leisure time, he also enjoys using the laptop to learn new skills on YouTube and watch documentaries.

Thank you for helping us change lives across the UK! We would not be able to support the clients of our charity partners without your donations, and we can still use your help going forward. Here are a couple ways you can get involved in the mission:

If you have any unneeded technology at your home or office which you no longer use, drop it off with one of our charity partners or at a Regus office in London. We can accept laptops, computers, servers, tablets, smartphones, fitness devices, and other gadgets. Don’t worry—we securely wipe all your personal information off these devices.

Introduce us to your company’s IT manager, COO, or board of directors. We can often offer cost neutral solutions to support our client’s ESG efforts. In return, your company will receive our support in gathering PR attention for such efforts.

For more information, please use the Contact page above!

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