and New Horizon Youth Centre partner together to provide homeless youth with laptops

Laptops for homeless people support ( February 2019 update by Jenni )

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We’re excited to announce the newest member of our platform! We have recently established a new partnership with New Horizon Youth Centre, a London-based charity which serves local homeless youth. Young adults between the ages of 16 and 21 years old are able to
find life changing support with New Horizon Youth Centre when they have nowhere else to go.

When homeless youth arrive at New Horizon, they first find access to the basic necessities, such as nourishing food, hot showers, and support to find housing. New Horizon also helps them become self sufficient by providing Emotional and Social skills workshops, counseling, and job training.

However, learning job skills and finding employment opportunities can be
challenging without the ability to have regular access to a computer. New Horizon’s clients usually don’t have access to digital training courses and online job boards unless they travel to the centre or to a local library to borrow a shared computer.

Through our new partnership, will be able to provide qualifying New Horizon Youth Centre clients with their very own laptops.

We take old, used laptops donated by corporations and business professionals and re-use them with open source software . Then we help train homeless individuals, like New Horizon’s youth, how to use free
open source programs such as document processing software, email, and the internet for work and personal needs.

We can’t continue this work without donations from professionals like you and companies like your employer! Contact us to coordinate a personal donation of your outdated laptop, or to connect us with the manager of your IT department. When companies are ready to upgrade to newer computers, we can securely wipe the old computer clean of confidential information and repurpose them for use by homeless shelters.

To find out how you can change someone’s life, please use contact page above or call 0843 289 5722

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