The advantage of having my own laptop by Mustafa

Laptops for homeless people support (an anonymised case study April 2019)

”I really appreciate having the use of my own laptop, which I use in my new home without having to go elsewhere like a public library, job centre or asking for favours.

Having my own laptop gives me the advantage of usage for unlimited time and access at my own convenience.  I used to study accountancy and so I am pleased to use the spreadsheet programme it came with.

Like everyone i am keen on the internet and coming from Nigeria where my family still is, this little machine enables me to talk to people far more easily than i could before.  I know that i can search store and retrieve information at my convenience without having to pay and this means a lot to me because I am on benefits.

I have started volunteering and the laptop enables me to keep in touch with my workplace and see when they need me.

Now that i am 58 i have seen a lot of things both in Britain and Africa. Some evenings i like to sit down and write about them so that i don’t forget.

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