The advantage of having my own laptop by Mustafa

Two case study received on Friday 22nd March 2019 from The Passage homelessness charity who aim is to provide homeless people with support to transform their own lives.

The Passage runs London’s largest voluntary sector resource centre for homeless and vulnerable people: each day they help up to 200 men and women.

”I really appreciate having the use of my own laptop, which i use in my new home without having to go elsewhere like a public library, job centre or asking for favours.

Having my own laptop gives me the advantage of usage for unlimited time and access at my own convenience.  I used to study accountancy and so I am pleased to use the spreadsheet programme it came with.

Like everyone i am keen on the internet and coming from Nigeria where my family still is, this little machine enables me to talk to people far more easily than i could before.  I know that i can search store and retrieve information at my convenience without having to pay and this means a lot to me because I am on benefits.

I have started volunteering and the laptop enables me to keep in touch with my workplace and see when they need me.

Now that i am 58 i have seen a lot of things both in Britain and Africa. Some evenings i like to sit down and write about them so that i don’t forget.

How a laptop is helping develop essential skills

Precious originates from South Africa and came to The Passage in 2016 when it was realised that she was in need of support to regularise her UK status. Precious was also diagnosed with some mental health problems which proved some difficulty in engaging with her as she tended to isolate herself.

Precious was introduced to our immigration solicitor who she engaged with well and who submitted an asylum application to the Home Office for her.

Precious was awarded refugee status in November 2017.

Precious didn’t wait around for her status before deciding what she wanted to do with her life, she’d decided that she wanted to enter a career in nursing, however as she had very little schooling in the past she was aware that she would have to study hard to even pass the requirements needed to go to university.

She started by attending basic maths and English classes in a community based setting and in September 2018 she enrolled as a student at a local college to study for Maths and English at GCSE level.

Precious is keen to pass her exams and progress onto an access course into Nursing. Her devotion to her studies prompted me to award her a laptop, and she was elated on receiving this.

Precious still struggles with her English literacy with English not being her first language and she has expressed that having the laptop has helped her immensely in supporting her with her studies as well as supporting her develop her day to day living skills.

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