Additional case studies received from The Passage charity on 25 March 2019

Names have been changed for anonymity

Paul received a laptop to help him set up his own business.  He has a mentor from John Lewis and he uses his laptop to communicate with him.  He used to use the library and Passage Resource Centre for computer access but found it difficult as limited to set hours.  His business plan is in the early stages but involves importing a natural resource from Ghana where he has family connections.  George has gone from being street homeless to living in self contained flat.  He does not have a TV and his laptop is his life line.  There have been problems with his accommodation/got flooded so it has delayed his work on business plan.

Peter got one.  It has been a great help to him as up to that he was only able to use computer for an hour at his local library or when he was at the computer room in the Passage Resource Centre. He is able to go to the library and and use his laptop there.  He has in the time I have known him completed Hotel School and first got a job with a Dispatch company on a short term contract and has now got a permanent job in Park Plaza Hotel.  He continues to use his laptop as he does not want to access personal emails while at work. This allows him to continue having contact with his Mentor from John Lewiw.   He also uses his laptop as he does creative writing.

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