participates in new research on social impact measurement

A blog post update by Jenni (June 2018)

Recently, social impact consultancy 180 Degrees with whom SocialBox team collaborated in the past partnered with Oxford University in an effort to identify the most effective methods of measuring social impact. When social impact organisations, such as, create and carry out socially conscious programs designed to improve various areas of society, its important for these organisations to be able to measure their accomplishments. Without the ability to accurately measure and report on the social impact they facilitate, these organizations will be less able to enter into new collaborative partnerships or modify their programmes to better serve their communities in the future. This new social impact measurement study will help Oxford University and 180 Degrees develop better tools for measuring social impact. is excited to be a participant in this new study! We are always excited to be able to share new information and innovation about how we help our Corporate Governance consultancy clients measure the social impact created by their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes as this is often a very challenging task.

All participants will receive the research results, as well as free priority access to any social impact measurement tools or frameworks that are developed as a result of this research.

Do you work for a corporation which needs assistance developing an impactful, sustainable CSR or ESG programme? Our team offers corporate governance consulting and coaching services to help your organisation write and implement social responsibility policies which create positive change in your local community. Our consultancy programme incorporates charitable and sustainable practices within your normal operations so your social impact becomes a natural extension of the activities in which youre already engaged.

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