Social Box Biz and C4WS partnership changing lives

Additional case studies received from C4WS Homeless Project

A SocialBox .biz blog post update by Heather Howkins (May 2019)

Socialbox, social box, esg, social box biz
Socialbox, social box, esg, social box biz

The team at C4WS is doing diligent work in London to help homeless people transition back into housing and rebuild their lives. With offerings including night shelter, a jobs club, mentoring, and more, C4WS has made impacts in the lives of many, many – bringing them off the streets and back into housing and livelihoods.

Some time ago, Social Box Biz joined forces with C4WS to take their mission a step further. For those who are homeless, one of the biggest challenges is utilizing technology. Computers and other tech aren’t readily available to those who who need them the most, and those who are struggling to get back on their feet also tend to not have the benefit of technology when it comes to helping them find new jobs or learn new skills.

Our team recently received with two more case studies from C4WS, and we are thrilled to share these stories with you.

First is the story of Farzad. This young man, who is in his late twenties, sought asylum from Iraq due to political and religious persecution. After he fled to London, he stayed in the C4WS winter night shelter. After this, Farzad was placed with a host family in North London. During this time, his case for asylum was being prepared. He wanted to be able to keep in touch with his loved ones in Iraq, and through the collaboration between our team and C4WS, we were able to make that dream come true. We provided Farzad with a laptop so that he could reach out to his friends and family back home. In addition, Farzad has been using the laptop to practice his English skills so that he can better communicate and integrate here in the UK. We can’t wait to see what comes next for Farzad!

Our second story centers around a man named Rich. He’s a 60 year old British man who moved into a hostel here in Camden after staying at the C4WS winter night shelter. Rich had never owned a computer and had no previous working knowledge of how to use one, but he had the desire to learn. A bricklayer by trade, Rich recognized the opportunity to adapt to fit in with today’s generation – including some of the people at his job. Rich’s C4WS mentor has been helping him learn how to effectively use the computer given to him by Social Biz Box. One of Rich’s favorite things to do on his computer is to watch YouTube videos to learn new strategies for bricklaying. We see this is a win!

There are people like Farzad and Rich all over London and the surrounding areas, and we are so thrilled that we could join with the team at C4WS to help these men get back on their feet and excel in what comes next. Isn’t it amazing to think that one computer could help so much?

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